Mi familia
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Martes, 20 th de marzo 2012. Mi Familia. LO: To know how to say the members of my family. Mi Madre (mum). Mee Mad-ray. Mi Padre (dad). Mee Pad-ray. Mi Hermana (sister). Mee Her-man-ah. Mi Hermano (brother). Mee Her-man-o. Mi Tía (aunt). Mee Tea-a. Mi Tío. Mee tea-o.

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Mi familia

Martes, 20th de marzo 2012

Mi Familia

LO: To know how to say the members of my family.

Mi familia

Mi Madre (mum)

Mee Mad-ray

Mi familia

Mi Padre (dad)

Mee Pad-ray

Mi familia

Mi Hermana (sister)

Mee Her-man-ah

Mi familia

Mi Hermano (brother)

Mee Her-man-o

Mi familia

Mi Tía (aunt)

Mee Tea-a

Mi familia

Mi Tío

Mee tea-o

Mi familia

Mi Abuelo (grandfather)

Mee Ab-welle-oh

Mi familia

Mi Abuela (Grandmother)

Mee Ab-welle-ah

Mi familia

Write down in your books about your family, what members do you have in your family. E.g En mi Familia hay mi madre, mi padre, mi hermano, mi abuelo, dos abuelas, dos tías, mi tío y no primos.


From a dictionary find out:






Your homework is to draw a family tree of your family include their name and age. You can put more information about them if you want to.

Due: Lunes, 26th de Marzo