ionising radiation n.
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Ionising radiation

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Ionising radiation. What does this mean? Where would you see it?. Uses. Checking thickness of sheet metal in factory. Smoke detectors. Uses of ionising radiation. Sterilising syringes and medical supplies. Hazards. Heating effect. Can cause skin cancer & damage cells in skin.

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Presentation Transcript

What does this mean?

Where would you see it?



Checking thickness of sheet metal in factory

Smoke detectors

Uses of ionising radiation

Sterilising syringes and medical supplies



Heating effect

Can cause skin cancer & damage cells in skin

Non-ionising radiation

Unknown effects from Wifi and mobile phones?



Can you think of any more?

Cell death in high doses

Damage cells & DNA causing mutations

Some effects from Ionising radiation

Damage to inside of body if taken internally – especially if integrated into body chemistry (e.g. iodine)

Burns, internal bleeding


Design an info-graphic for a BBC news article showing simply the differences between the particles and their relative penetrating powers.