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Computers and Robots. Randal E. Bryant. Carnegie Mellon University. Robosoccer. What is Easy? What is Hard?. Arithmetic. Computers can do more than 1 billion calculations per second. = 36034.209224802958. 5736.421 X (4296.79 – 551.04) 42.9 + 553.4.

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Carnegie mellon university




Randal E. Bryant

Carnegie Mellon University

What is easy what is hard
What is Easy? What is Hard?

  • Arithmetic

  • Computers can do more than 1 billion calculations per second

= 36034.209224802958

5736.421 X (4296.79 – 551.04)

42.9 + 553.4

What is easy what is hard1
What is Easy? What is Hard?

  • Humans better than computers

  • Reading

DE xi Ii ARIi..  

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Artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

  • Make computers display “intelligent behavior”


IBM “Deep Blue” beats Gary Kasparov

More artificial intelligence
More Artificial Intelligence

FLORIDA -- El gobierno del presidente Barack Obama dará impulso a una red eléctrica "inteligente" futurista, con la esperanza de llevar lo más pronto posible al sistema de transmisión de energía hacia la era digital.

El presidente Obama anunciará el martes durante una visita a una planta de energía solar en Arcadia, Florida, que el gobierno dará apoyo con 3.400 millones de dólares a un centenar de proyectos destinados a modernizar el sistema de electricidad de Estados Unidos.

FLORIDA - The government of President Barack Obama will give impetus to a power grid "smart" futuristic, hoping to take as soon as possible to the power transmission system into the digital age. 

President Obama will announce on Tuesday during a visit to a solar power plant in Arcadia, Florida, that the government will support with 3,400 million dollars to a hundred projects to modernize the electricity system of the United States.

  • Run through Google translation program

Why is computer vision hard
Why is Computer Vision Hard?

  • What do we see in this image?

  • How do we know this?

  • We rely on “real-world knowledge”

What is a robot
What is a Robot?

  • Machines that sense, think, and act

Robots in action driving on roads
Robots in Action: Driving on Roads

  • 2007 DARPA Urban Grand Challenge

  • Drive course with other cars

  • Follow California driving rules

  • Sense

  • Think

  • Act

Robots in the real world
Robots in the Real World

  • The “Three D’s”

    • Dull

    • Dirty

    • Dangerous

Want to get involved
Want to Get Involved?




  • How Much School?

    • Depends on what kind of job you want

  • What to Learn?

    • Math: Algebra, geometry, trigonometry

    • Science: Physics, chemistry

  • Other Skills You Need

    • Working in teams

    • Communicating with others