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The West Side from How Juan Got Home by Bob Dorsey

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The West Side from How Juan Got Home by Bob Dorsey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The West Side from How Juan Got Home by Bob Dorsey. powerpoint presentation by Carol Harms, JSD 171, Orofino, ID.

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Presentation Transcript
The West Side

from How Juan Got Home

by Bob Dorsey

powerpoint presentation by Carol Harms, JSD 171, Orofino, ID

“The West Side” is from the final chapters of the book How Juan Got Home. Juan Morales wants to go home to Puerto Rico. Although he likes his uncle’s comfortable New York City apartment, he fears he’ll never find friends. None of the boys in the East Side neighborhood where his uncle lives speaks Spanish.
Then, on a search for Puerto Rican food,

he goes to the West Side. Here he finds some

reminders of Puerto Rico, and here, for the first

time since being in New York, he finds a friend.

Have you ever moved to

a new place and wondered

if you would have friends?

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Characters behave as people or animals do in real life.

The setting is a real place or could be a real place.

The events of the story are based on a conflict or problem that could occur in real life.

Juan = /whon/

Morales = /more-all-ace/

New York City

Puerto Rico


/Pwhere- toe/



Make sure you can

pronounce Juan’s name

and the name

Puerto Rico correctly.

It is okay to guess on the

rest of the Spanish words

in this story.




talking a lot and very fast


a person who takes care of

or organizes something like an

office or sports team

She manages a business

He manages a sports team


feeling bad or silly about something you’ve done


describes someone who thinks

another person is good at


Everyone was impressed by the job the

workers had done building the roof.

I was impressed by the quarterback’s skill.

blue blew

ate eight

son sun

would wood

Homophones have the same sound as another word, but have a different meaning and spelling.

“homo” means same “phon” means sound- by word analysis, a

homophone is a word with the same sound.

broken closet

stranger scream

These words start with consonant blends. What letters form

the blends at the beginning of these words?

Can you think of at least one other word that begins with each


Drawing Conclusions

Readers can draw conclusions about what a character is like based on information in the story. In order to draw these conclusions, readers consider what a character says, what a character does, and what other characters say about him or her.

Mrs. Jones scowled at the children.

They always made so much noise as

they passed her window. Didn’t they know

how important it was that she have quiet?

She was not impressed with their manners.

The children looked up and saw Mrs.

Jones looking at them with her scrunched

up face and burning eyes. They wondered

if Mrs. Jones would feel embarrassed if she

could see how frightful her expression was.

What does Mrs. Jones

do, say or think that tells

you about her character?

What do the children say or think

that tells you about Mrs. Jones’