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Spring Candidates Meeting

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Spring Candidates Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spring Candidates Meeting. Social Media . Social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter , YouTube, and other Internet related outlets will not be regulated by the Election Commission. We will be regulating emails: mass listings Can send mass emails through voting period.

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social media
Social Media
  • Social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Internet related outlets will not be regulated by the Election Commission.
  • We will be regulating emails: mass listings
      • Can send mass emails through voting period.
      • No campaigning before allotted time begins.
      • Delete people from mass email list if asked.


  • Websites created for the purpose of campaigning may not be accessible online prior to the pre-campaigning period unless otherwise authorized by the Commissioner.
  • These websites are not under the “Social Media” Category
  • February 13th and 23rd at 7pm
  • Run-off (if necessary): February 29th at 7pm
  • Candidates arrive at the George Bush Presidential Library at 6pm

Campaigning Locations

  • Three Corners, Anderson/George Bush, H₂O Fountain, Commons, Fish Pond, Harrington Plaza, WCL
  • NO Academic Plaza
  • Official and complete list will be posted at
  • **Subject to change depending on construction.

Modified Campaigning

  • No distribution of materials
  • Any signage must “promote the vote”
  • H₂O fountain and Fish Pond, Harrington Plaza, and The Zone
  • First day of voting (primary and runoff): 8a-5p
  • Second day of voting (primary and runoff) : 8a-3p
  • Expenses included on original expense report

Violation Reports

A student who wishes to report an alleged violation of the Election Regulations may do so by filing an online violation report of the alleged violation with the Election Commission within seventy-two (72) hours of the alleged violation. The violation report can be found at


Violation Reports

Make sure that you fill out every part of the violation report form. Reports without violation description, rule broken (where it is found in the rules), or proper supporting documentation of the violation may not be considered.

violation tiers
Violation Tiers
  • Major Offenses
    • “Major violations include, but are not limited to: offenses against local, state, or federal law to any degree; sabotage of opposing campaigns; voting fraud, falsified documents (including finance reports); withheld finance reports and ethics/Honor Code violations.”
    • If found in violation you will be provided with a “Major Violations Report” with the Commission’s justification for its decision within 72 hours of meeting
    • Maximum fine of 15% of budget or disqualification

(Regulations IV,C,1,a,i)


Minor Offenses

  • “Minor violations include, but are not limited to: pre-campaigning, finance violations, and offenses not included within the major violations criteria as determined by the Election Commission and these regulations.”
  • Major race (SBP, Yell Leader): $20 plus $5 for every additional violation
  • Minor race (Senator, RHA, Class President, Class Council): $5 plus $2 for every additional violation

(Regulations IV,C,1,b,ii)

  • All fines will be deducted from the candidate’s budget
  • Half will be made payable to the Election Commission and will be forwarded to the SGA Endowment Account
  • Fines must be paid within 10 days of the final day of voting


  • MUST expense all items at actual cost or Fair Market Value (FMV)
    • See pg. 23 for flowchart on how to calculate expenses
  • Supply donations must be expensed as FMV
  • Itemized list of FMV’s can be found under the resources tab


  • Student Body President- $1800
  • Jr./Sr. Yell Leader- $1800
  • Senator - $150
  • RHA President- $300
  • RHA Executive Vice President- $250
  • Class President- $400
  • Other offices- $150
  • If you exceed your budget allotment, you will be disqualified.


“The term “expenditure” is defined as the fair market value or actual cost, depending on the appropriate circumstance, of all campaign materials used or obtained by any candidate in his/her campaign and any fines incurred by the candidate.”

Texas A&M Election Regulations, IV.A.2


Expense Reports

  • Newly Updated: includes tax in formulas
    • Section A: Bryan/College Station Purchases
      • Example: Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot
    • Section B: Outside Purchases
      • Example: Internet, Outside of B/CS, Donations
    • Section C: Fines

Expense Reports Cont.

  • All expense reports must be turned in by 5 PM on the first day of voting (February 28th and March 1st for Run-Off) in the KoldusDrop Box C4
  • Must use the formfrom the “Resources” tab
  • Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification

Residence Hall Association

  • Additional questions should be directed to Matt McMahon at


  • For any additional questions, please email