rose hawthorne lathrop mother alphonso n.
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Rose hawthorne Lathrop (mother Alphonso ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Rose hawthorne Lathrop (mother Alphonso )

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Rose hawthorne Lathrop (mother Alphonso ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rose hawthorne Lathrop (mother Alphonso )
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  1. Rose hawthorne Lathrop (mother Alphonso)

  2. Rose hawthorne - biography • Was born in Lenox, Massachusetts, May 20,1851 • She was the second daughter of Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne. • Converted to Roman Catholicism in 1891 • Grew up living in many places such as West Newton, Concord, Mass; Liverpool, England; London, Paris, Rome, and Florence, Italy. • Had an unhappy marriage with George Lathrop ( an alcoholic), their son Francis was born in 1876 and died five years later • Became a Dominican nun Dec. 8, 1900- taking the name Alphonso • Opened a refuge for cancer victims of New York Lower East Side • In 1901 opened Rosary Hill Home in Hawthorne, New York • Died July 9, 1926 – in her sleep

  3. Inspirational quotes from rose!! • “… to take the lowest class we know both in poverty and suffering and put them in such a condition, that if our Lord knocked at the door we should not be ashamed to show what we have done.” • “I am trying to serve the poor as a servant. I wish to serve the cancerous poor because they are more avoided than any other class of sufferers; and I wish to go to them as a poor creature myself.” • -Rose Hawthorne

  4. How did she express her faith?? • Rose always cared for the poorest of the poor- the most disease and neglected • She would change their dressings, bathed them, fed them, and became their friend and protector. • She acted in the ways of Jesus!

  5. A Christian Witness • She nursed the poor that had incurable cancer in New York City’s Cancer Hospital. • With these experiences, she wrote letters and essays about the cancerous poor that inspired others. • She even opened a home for impoverished cancer patients.

  6. Her faith • Hands: She welcomed the ill and the poor into her own home and cared for them, changed their clothing, bathed them, and even fed them. • Head: She saw the pain and sickness in men and woman everywhere and decided to devote her life to a ministry of charity with patients of incurable cancer. • Heart: 10 years after the death of her son it got her to convert to Roman Catholicism and then became a part of Dominican Sisterhood where she later died.

  7. Hardships and obstacles • Her father passed awaywhen she was just thirteen years old. • She divorced her husband due do his addiction to alcohol, after her five year old son died.

  8. Inspiration • Even though Rose Hawthorne Lathrop had a hard life , she still helped the people who were sick with cancer and diseases.

  9. Prayer for the canonization of rose hawthorne • Lord God, in your special love for the sick, the poor and the lonely, you raised up Rose Hawthorne (Mother Mary Alphonso) to be the servant of those afflicted with incurable cancer with no one to care for them. In serving the outcast and the abandoned, she strove to see in them the face of your Son. In her eyes, those in need were always "Christ's Poor." • Grant that her example of selfless charity and her courage in the face of great obstacles will inspire us to be generous in our service of neighbor. We humbly ask that you glorify your servant, Rose Hawthorne, on earth according to the designs of your holy will. Through her intercession, grant the favor that I now present (here make your request). • Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. • Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us! (3 times) • Our Father • Hail Mary • Glory be to the Father

  10. The end