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Week Fourteen Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Week Fourteen Agenda

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Week Fourteen Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week Fourteen Agenda
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  1. Week Fourteen Agenda • Announcements Final Exam 100 True/False questions, 95 answers graded. 100 Multiple Choice questions, 95 answers graded. 12 Essay questions, 10 questions graded. Three (3) hours for taking the exam • Link of the week • Review week thirteen lab assignment • Next lab assignment • Previous Lab Assignment • Grading answers for final exam • Upcoming deadlines

  2. Week Fourteen Agenda Open Source Presentations December 7: Christina Clark Rick Benoit Matt Fawcett  Matt Kumm

  3. Link of the week Device Drivers • What is a device driver? • Why is it important to keep drivers up-to-date?

  4. Review week thirteen lab assignment The Apache HTTP server must be instructed to locate the CGI scripts. Two pieces of information are needed to execute your CGI script. 1) A program in that directory to be used as a CGI script. 2) A link in an HTML page to your CGI scrip Need to provide a URL that points to the CGI script.

  5. Review week thirteen lab assignment The CGI script itself simply produces output to stdout. The HTTP server captures that output and sends it to the Web browser. The format of the output must be in a form that the Web browser can understand (HTML). The CGI script creates the HTML page every time it is run. The data provided to the HTML page can change with each execution of the script.

  6. Next Lab Assignment CGI Script Use declaration Format: useCGI <List of methods> start_html displays the name of the script top left corner of browser start_form returns a <form>tag with optional method, action, and form encoding that you specify Submit button sends all of the form information to the CGI program specified by the ACTION attribute. Without the button the form will be useless since it will never reach the CGI script.

  7. Previous Lab Assignment Filter A filter generally reads input for stdin and manipulates the data and outputs the result to stdout. Most common filters are listed below. awk cat cut compress grep head pr sort split tail wc tr

  8. Previous Lab Assignment Perl Modules Reason modules were created. use syntax Getopt::Std provides two functions getopt and getopts

  9. Grading answers for final exam Getopts: while getopts "hw:e:u:m:d" optionName; do case "$optionName" in h) printHelpAndExit 0;; d) debug="0";; w) whatTowatch="$OPTARG";; e) email="$OPTARG";; u) startAtUid="$OPTARG";; m) maxCpuUsage="$OPTARG";; [?]) printErrorHelpAndExit "$badOptionHelp";; esac done

  10. Grading answers for final exam Kernel functions can be categorized into two broad types: Spontaneous * Reactive * Passive Aggressive

  11. Grading answers for final exam What files are affected when a new user is added to a Linux system? /etc/password # /etc/shadowing # /etc/group # /etc/dev All of the above files. Answers “a”, “b”, and “c”. *

  12. Break Out Problems crond crontab orphan zombie initrd xinetd inetd TCP Wrapper background process foreground process daemon processes data structure SELinux chroot jail

  13. Break Out Problems UNIX/Linux Commands : fg bg uname –n id df uniq who –r chmod ls –l ps -aux fsck less uptime

  14. Upcoming deadlines Programming Assignment 3, 14-1 is due December 18, 2010 Final Exam, 15-1 will be administered December 13 through 18, 2010. If problems are encountered with the testing process, call me at 614.519.5853immediately.

  15. Week Fourteen Conclusion Your final exam status will be posted on the Announcement page shortly after being graded. Final grades must be submitted prior to 12:00 p.m. on December 21, 2010.

  16. Week Fourteen Conclusion Are there any lab assignments that need to be graded? No testing aids and/or material are permitted during the final exam. Students are recommended to answer all questions on the final exam. • Questions • Concerns • Complaints