survey level assessment n.
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Survey Level Assessment

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Survey Level Assessment. Survey Level Assessment.

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survey level assessment1
Survey Level Assessment
  • Assessing students in successive levels of the general education curricula for the purpose of making several decisions: eligibility, determining instructional placement, setting goals, identifying strengths and needs, assessing progress toward the goal.
three features of sla
Three Features of SLA
  • Tests for success in the curriculum
    • Data can be used to determine performance discrepancy: difference between the student’s expected level of performance in the curriculum and the level in which the student is successful
    • Success is defined when the student’s performance matches the performance of other typical students in grade level
three features cont
Three Features cont.

2. Efficient

  • Get a broad sample of behavior in a short time
  • Data can be used to develop hypotheses about a student’s strengths and weaknesses
three features cont1
Three Features cont.

3. Technically Adequate

  • Numerous research studies have demonstrated the reliability and validity of CBM when conducting SLA
  • CBM is a reliable valid method of obtaining information related to a student’s performance in his her curriculum
survey level assessment2
Survey Level Assessment
  • Two uses of SLA
    • Using SLA for out of grade level goal setting and progress monitoring with DIBELS data
    • Using SLA for finding Instructional Level in a given set of materials
survey level assessment3

Survey Level Assessment

Procedures for Survey Level Assessment Using DIBELS Data for Out of Grade Goals and Progress Monitoring

SLA Procedures Using DIBELS ORF Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring for Students Requiring Intensive Support
  • Out of grade goals and progress monitoring are often needed for students requiring intensive level of support.
  • To find the appropriate goal and progress monitoring level, begin with the level of the curriculum in which the student’s grade level peers are instructed. Administer a minimum of 3 probes in the student’s grade level material. Calculate and graph the median score for that time of year (fall, winter, or spring).
  • If the student scores at or above benchmark, stop testing. If not, drop down one level and give 3 probes. Calculate and graph the median.
SLA Procedures Using DIBELS ORF Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring for Students Requiring Intensive Support
  • If the student has not met benchmark, repeat the procedure, dropping down level by level until the student’s median score falls at or above the benchmark. We test downward to ensure that we have the highest level at which the student meets benchmark.
  • Set the student’s goal for the end of the year, one yearabove the level at which the student met benchmark. Both the goal and progress monitoring will be at this level.

The boxes represent minimal CWPM scores needed to meet 1st thru 6th grade fall, winter, and spring ORF benchmarks.

choices for out of grade monitoring
Choices for Out of Grade Monitoring

Black = Above Grade Level

Red = Below Grade Level


Choose out of grade monitoring

on the progress monitoring menu

sla dibels example
SLA - DIBELS Example
  • Beth is a 5th grade student functioning in the intensive range on benchmark DIBELS assessment in the fall of the year.
  • Survey level assessment data
    • 5th - 23 cwpm
    • 4th - 37 cwpm
    • 3rd - 42 cwpm
    • 2nd - 48 cwpm
sla dibels example cont
SLA - DIBELS Example Cont.
  • Beth did not meet benchmark in 5th, 4th, or 3rd grade level materials. She did meet benchmark for fall of 2nd grade. NWF and PSF benchmarks have been met.
  • A goal will be set for the end of 3rd grade grade (110 correct words per minute) and Beth will be progress monitored in 3rd grade level materials.
breakout activity 1
Breakout Activity 1
  • Work in groups of 2 or 3 to find the out of grade level appropriate for goal setting and progress monitoring for these students:
    • Sam earned these cwpm scores in winter of 4th grade. PSF and NWF benchmarks have been met.
      • 4th - 17, 3rd - 22, 2nd - 23, 1st - 42
    • Dave earned these cwpm scores in fall of 5th grade. PSF and NWF benchmarks have been met.
      • 5th - 23, 4th - 26, 3rd - 21, 2nd - 45
breakout activity 2
Breakout Activity 2
  • When encountering challenging decisions,

Roland Good uses the phrase, Some Thinking Is Required

  • Not all situations are as clean and neat as our previous examples…
  • In your groups find the out of grade level appropriate for goal setting and progress monitoring for these students:
    • Andrea earned these scores in the fall of 3rd
      • 3rd - 10, 2nd - 15, 1st - 14, kdg PSF - 30, NWF - 20
    • Max moved in in the winter of 4th grade and earned these scores
      • 4th - 27 cwpm with 12 errors, 3rd - 48 cwpm with 14 errors,

2nd - 53 cwpm with 11 errors


These are recommendations! Not every student will fit the model. If you’re finding some students that don’t fit well, talk with your coach. Thinking will be required!RG