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Deployment. Example Messages. Example Messages. Ontology wizard. OWL generation for JSON/XML/URI. domain expert. ontologies. Semi-automated ontology refinement. ontologies. Automated ontology alignment. validator. alignments. Run-time. Message Translator. Message. Message. Device.

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Example Messages

Example Messages

Ontology wizard

OWL generation for JSON/XML/URI

domain expert


Semi-automated ontology refinement


Automated ontology alignment




Message Translator





Translated message

Translated message

Ontology Alignment for IoT interoperability

(Artem Katasonov, Konstantinos Kotis, Jarkko Leino @ VTT)

  • Motivation

  • Ability to have gradually growing IoT environments, contrasted to a need to install and interconnect all devices and applications at once.

  • Ability to interconnect devices from different vendors.

  • Ability of 3rd parties to develop software applications for IoTenvironments, contrasted to applications coming only from the devices’ vendors.

  • Ability to develop applications that are generic, i.e. can run on various IoT device/gateway sets (different vendors, same purpose), contrasted to developing applications for a very particular platform.

  • In a nutshell: “App store for smart environments”

Solution Highlights

Smart environment registry with annotations of ”things” (e.g. a door), connector devices (e.g. a door sensor), and deployed applications, based on a common ontology (an extension of W3C SSN), yet with a possibility of using custom classes.

Web-based applications can be deployed from external portals. An application’s device requirements are expressed as SPARQL patterns over device annotations and are used for match-making.

For two-way data transformation at a “smart proxy”, message examples for devices and applications are provided and generated OWL meta-models for.

Ontology alignment methods are applied for matching of custom classes in annotations, as well as for matching of data items in messages.

Concept Demo: Same application code, two platforms

  • Publications

  • Kotis K. and Katasonov A. (2013) Semantic Interoperability on the Internet of Things: The Semantic Smart Gateway Framework, International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies, IGI Global, in press

    • Kotis K. and Katasonov A. (2012) Semantic Interoperability on the Web of Things: The Semantic Smart Gateway Framework, In: Proc. 6th International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS'12), July 4-6, Palermo, Italy, IEEE CS, pp.630-635

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  • Kotis K., Katasonov A., and Leino, J. (2012) ASE Results for OAEI 2012, In: Proc. 7th International Workshop on Ontology Matching (OM'[email protected]'2012), November 11, 2012, Boston, USA, CEUR-WS, in press