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Supplementary Fig. 2 Maximum-parsimony phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene sequences showing the positions of Aquinexus lipolyticus SSK1-4Tand representatives of some other related taxa. Stappia stellulata IAM 12621T (GenBank accession number, D88525) was used as an outgroup. Scale bar, 0.01 substitutions per nucleotide position.

Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1T(X53853)

Rhodobacter megalophilus JA194T(AM421024)

Haematobacter missouriensis CCUG 52307T(DQ342315)

Albidovulum inexpectatum FRR-10T(AF465833)

Rhodobaca bogoriensis LBB1T(AF248638)

Rhodobacter veldkampii ATCC 35703T(D16421)

Paenirhodobacter enshiensis DW2-9T(JN797511)

Rhodobacter capsulatus ATCC 11166T(D16428)

Paracoccus denitrificans ATCC 17741T(Y16927)

Paracoccus aminophilus ATCC 49673T(AY014176)

Paracoccus saliphilus YIM 90738T(DQ923133)

Rhodobacter vinaykumarii JA123T(AM408117)

Thioclava pacifica TL 2T(AY656719)

Thioclava dalianensis DLFJ1-1T(JQ844756)

Rhodovulum sulfidophilum DSM 1374T(D16423)

Rhodovulum steppense A-20sT(EU741680)

Rhodovulum iodosum N1T(Y15011)

Rhodovulum marinum JA128T(AJ891122)

Rhodovulum kholense JA297T(AM748927)

Confluentimicrobium lipolyticumSSK1-4T(KJ889015)

Roseovarius halotolerans HJ50T(EU431217)

Roseovarius litoreus GSW-M15T(JQ390520)

Marinovum algicola ATCC 51440T(X78315)

Roseovarius tolerans EL-172T(Y11551)

Roseovarius mucosus DFL-24T(AJ534215)

Ruegeria atlantica IAM 14463T(D88526)

Ruegeria lacuscaerulensis ITI-1157T(U77644)

Ruegeria faecimaris HD-28T(GU057915)

Ruegeria scottomollicae LMG 24367T(AM905330)

Poseidonocella sedimentorum KMM 9023T(AB576006)

Poseidonocella pacifica KMM 9010T(AB576005)

Roseobacter litoralis ATCC 49566T(X78312)

Sulfitobacter pontiacus ChLG 10T(Y13155)

Planktotalea frisia SH6-1T(FJ882052)

Pacificibacter maritimus KMM 9031T(AB558927)

Pelagicola litoralis CL-ES2T(EF192392)

‘Actibacterium atlanticum’ 22II-S11-z10T(KJ159064)

Actibacterium mucosum R46T(HE590855)

Pseudoruegeria aquimaris SW-255T(DQ675021)

Pseudoruegeria lutimaris HD-43T(FJ374173)

Hasllibacter halocynthiae KME 002T(FJ638616)

Wenxinia marina HY34T(DQ640643)

Rubellimicrobium thermophilum C-lvk-R2A-2T(AJ844281)

Stappia stellulata IAM 12621T(D88525)