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Using the Smart Board

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Using the Smart Board - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using the Smart Board. Jeanne Klein Instructor Computer Inservice Program Spring 2006. Whiteboard Basics. Hook up Connect whiteboard cable to computer Connect computer to projection unit Connect power outlet cable to computer Plug all units into outlet from cart plug

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using the smart board

Using the Smart Board

Jeanne Klein


Computer Inservice Program

Spring 2006

whiteboard basics
Whiteboard Basics
  • Hook up
    • Connect whiteboard cable to computer
    • Connect computer to projection unit
    • Connect power outlet cable to computer
    • Plug all units into outlet from cart plug
  • Computer, projection unit and whiteboard should be on
  • Green light in lower right-hand corner of whiteboard should be on
    • Indicates connected to computer
orient the smart board
Orient the Smart Board
  • Press and hold the pen tray buttons simultaneously until the orientation interface appears.
  • Begin orientation by pressing your finger squarely in the center of each red cross as they come up.
  • You can use your finger as a mouse to click on objects or to write with finger.



Video Player


Floating Toolbar

Control Panel



inserting files
Inserting Files
  • Flash Files
  • Gallery
  • Pictures from files
  • New Notebook file
  • Open a file
  • Save
  • Paste
  • Zoom
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Delete selected object
  • Display previous page
  • Display next page
  • Insert blank page
  • Show/hide screen shade
  • Launch Full Screen view
  • Capture tool
  • Select object
  • Write or draw with pen
  • Write or draw with creative pen
  • Erase annotations
  • Draw a line
  • Create a shape
  • Create a text entry box
  • Set current color of a tool, shape or object
  • Select the line width of tool
  • Set eh transparency of a tool
  • Select the line properties
the gallery
The Gallery
  • Click on Gallery tab on right side to open
  • Click on collection + sign to view topics
  • Click on the collection name to view what’s in the collection
  • Click and drag item to notebook page to insert or
  • Click on down arrow of selected image and insert in notebook
add to the gallery collection
Create Collection Name

Select My Content

Select the down arrow

Select Add New Subcategory

Select new category

Select the down arrow

Select Rename

Rename new category

Import Items to New Collection

Select Add/Import located at top of Gallery

Select Import Picture/Template File…

Browse to the file you wish to import

Select the picture or template

Press the Open button

Add to the Gallery Collection
using capture toolbar
Using Capture Toolbar

Screen Capture—captures everything displayed on the screen

Area Capture—click on drag on area you wish to capture

Window Capture—press anywhere inside the window to capture that window

ink aware applications
Ink Aware Applications
  • Smart Board integrates with
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • And many other applications.
print to smart board
Print to Smart Board
  • Print your document from any application to the Smart Board.
  • It becomes a Smart Board presentation.
  • Example:
    • From PowerPoint
    • Click on Slide
    • Go to File, Print
    • Choose Smartboard printer
    • Tell it what slide(s) you want to print.
    • They automatically become part of a smart board presentation.
printing notes from smart board
Printing Notes from Smart Board
  • Click on File, Print.
  • Determine what you want printed
    • Slides
    • Handouts (how many per page)
  • Print to color printer or black & white printer in room.
  • Slides with notes will print.
  • Use Flowport to e-mail printed documents to your account and use with Smart Board.
  • Go to Flowport site
  • Type in your username and password.
  • Click on create a new cover sheet.
  • Click on Title Goes Here link and type in Scan to myself.
  • On top of form where Heading appears, click on drop-down arrow and choose e-mail recipient.
  • Click on blue arrow under Sent to and type in your e-mail address.
  • In the Checkbox label, type in your name.
  • Click OK.
Click on save form at top of page.
  • The form will now appear on first page.
  • Select the form by clicking on the checkbox next to it.
  • Click on print at bottom of screen.
  • Choose main office printer nearest you.
  • Click OK. Your cover sheet will print out on the main office Xerox machine.
how to use your flowport cover sheet
How to use your Flowport cover sheet
  • Take cover sheet and document you want to e-mail to yourself and place face up on the main office Xerox machine document feeder. Cover sheet should be on top.
  • Click on All Services on the Xerox menu.
  • Choose Network scanning button.
  • Click start to begin copying.
  • Once done, your document will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • You can reuse your cover sheet over and over again.
smart board resources
Smart Board Resources
  • Smart Technologies web
  • Smart Technologies Grades 10-12--
  • Smart Board Resources Center School District--
  • Smart Idea Templates--
  • Kenton County Schools--
  • Using Elect. Whiteboards in Your Classroom--
  • Kent NGFL--