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E-Resume of Holly K. Anthony

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E-Resume of Holly K. Anthony - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thank you for taking the time to view this electronic resume. Viewing will take approximately five minutes. The program will run on its own from here on. E-Resume of Holly K. Anthony.

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Thank you for taking the time to view this electronic resume. Viewing will take approximately five minutes.

The program will run on its own from here on.

E-Resume of Holly K. Anthony

Hello. My name is Holly Anthony and this is my e-resume. The following pages outline my teaching philosophy and some of my qualifications.

Don't tell anyone but . . .

I’m actually her sister-in-law’s cat Goldberry. She wanted you to have a warm and fuzzy feeling – so here I am! As you can see, I do try to stay on top of the news, but because I don’t have any thumbs, it’s difficult to turn the pages.



  • You will see the following methods employed in my classroom throughout the course of the year’s instruction:
    • 6 + 1 Traits o..\Resume File\Literacy Music.midf Writing
    • Step Up to Writing
    • Reading Response Logs
    • Interactive Writing
    • Reader’s/Writer’s Workshops
    • Shared/Guided Reading
    • Daily Independent Reading
    • Read Aloud
Literacy (cont.)


I use whole group instruction tointroduce major concepts and ideas and to help determine ability groupings.

I use small group/individual instruction toaccommodate different learning styles, to scaffold and provide additional support for struggling students, and to provide additional depth in order to challenge high achievers.


I incorporate literacy into and support the content areas of science and social studies by using the curriculum to help teach the following:

Expository text features Identifying important facts

Note taking Writing to inform

Fact-based fiction writing


Instructional Approach: In concert with traditional approaches, I support an investigational methodologyto learning mathematical principals, multiple methods to an outcome, as well as a spiraling approach to concept reinforcement and mastery. I utilize the following methods to teach number sense and computational skills:

  • New and major concepts introduced through whole-class instruc-tion
  • Supported in-class investigation and practice through small group and/or individual instruction
  • Self-paced progress toward completion of required work
  • At home reinforcement for all students at appropriate level
  • More challenging materials and/or accelerated pacing for high achieving students

Differentiation is assisting all students to achieve their highest potential in their own way. I strive to meet the student at his/her level and work to ensure that he/she demonstrates the full extent of his/her abilities. In addi-tion to the methods identified earlier, I utilize the follow-ing strategies to help accomplish this goal:

  • Draw from the grade above to challenge high achieving stu-dents and from the grade below to accommodate struggling students
  • Provide students with alternative methods of demonstrat-ing understanding (e.g., oral, artistic, or performance)
  • Adjust the quantity or the depth of the material
  • Multi-ability grouping and peer mentoring
Thank You!

Holly K. Anthony

12249 Pine Vista Trail

Parker, CO 80138

(303) 840-9659

[email protected]