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  1. Flight Training Center.An essential component of airmen training

  2. CSTSDinamika: the Russian leader in flight simulation technologies 2

  3. CSTS Dinamika • Founded in 1989 • Number One on the Russian market of flight simulation, a supplier to the RF Ministry of Defense • Entire spectrum of synthetic environments for flight training, military, paramilitary, and civil platforms, engineering simulators for design bureaus • CBT(Ulyanovsk affiliate). • Customers from6countries worldwide,partners in 10countries • R&D (Мi-35М, Mi-24P, Мi-28N, Mi-17-1B, Мi-171, МiG-31, MiG-29, L-39, Su-34, Su-24, Ка-52, SSJ-100, МS-21) • Production in series (Su-33, Мi-24/35, Мi-28Н, МiG-29, L-39, Mi-171, Mi-8МТV modifications (Мi-8МТV-5, Мi-8АМТSh) • State testing of the military products, RF Ministry of Transport certification of the commercial flight simulation training devices. • Certification for compliance withICAO 9625, JAR.

  4. Geography of services and supplies Armavir Borisoglebsk BudyonnovskVoronezh Eysk Zhukovsky KrasnodarLipetskMaykopMoscowOstrovPushkinoSeveromorsk SyzranTaganrogTikhoretskTorzhok Ostrava Karaganda Mektilla Yanliang XianVeracruz

  5. Training Centers Training • CBT • FNPT & PTT • Procedure trainers • FFS • Training syllabus • Training methodology • Instructor training • Certification • Maintenance • Administration & Management • Logistics

  6. HTP Ostrava CZ Training Center • Business drives: • Mil helicopters are operated in many Europeans countries, incl. the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, etc. • The European fleet counts to over 400 Mil helicopters Main purpose of Helicopter Training Point (HTP Ostrava CZ a.s.) is enhancing flight safety and mission effectiveness of Russian-origin rotorcraft due to better training of flying and engineering crews • HTP Ostrava CZ is currently the only European training center providing immersive training and conversion training for the Mi-8/17 crews • Training in Czech, English and Russian languages • Mi-171 FFS training capacity– 5000-6000 hours a year. • HTP Ostrava CZ comprises a simulator room, two CBT classes with a capacity of 24 pilots / flight operators, • administration rooms, offices, briefing rooms, canteen, etc.

  7. Training Center Capacity 5000-6000 simulator hours per year

  8. Training packages

  9. New Training Center Proposal Ka-32 Training & Conversion Training Center • Business Drives: • Kamov-32 rotorcraft are operated in Bulgaria, Spain,Portugal,Switzerland, other European countries • The Kamov fleet in Europe currently counts to over 30 helicopters • There is no Kamov training center in the world • The is no Ka-32 FFS compliant with JAR, FAR standards • This Training Center will train pilots from all over the world, e.g.South Korea (63 rotorcraft), Canada (5 rotorcraft), etc. • The Ка-32 has been certified in Europe, Canada, South Korea, Japan. • The Ка-32 is universally popular due toits multipurpose applications: transportation of persons and cargos, construction works, underslung operations,fire-fighting and search&rescue missions, patrolling, etc.

  10. Ka-32 training complex CBT for flying crews and engineering personnel Part-task trainers Flight training device D-level FFS Options Sling-Load Operator PTTand/or bambi tank operator PTT NVG imitator Paratrooper simulator

  11. Sling-Load Operator Part-Task Trainer Purpose: Immersive training for perfect coordination of crew procedures with an underslung loads, incl. firefighting missions with a bambi tank or transportation of bulky external loads. • Practical applications: • firefighting; • search & Rescue operations at emergencies; • geological prospecting works, • constructions; • load transportation to hard-to-reach areas. • Configuration: • helicopter-underslung load dynamic model; • load models SW; • cargo compartment mockup; • two-channel stereoscopic visual system; • virtual reality helmet with trackers following operator movements.

  12. Visual scenes of simulated firefighting

  13. Innovations in CSTS Dinamika Innovationis an improvement or growth obtained as a result of investment in product or process development and their further implementation leading to commercial success. IP patents & it’s accounting in production price Implementation Market for FTD & Training technologies R&D Sales Marketing Technical description Financial package Return ofloans & investment Realization of profit

  14. Thank you for your attention 1, Zhukovsky street, the city of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, Russia140180 Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 7775930