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vietnam history culture and geography n.
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Vietnam:History, Culture and Geography PowerPoint Presentation
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Vietnam:History, Culture and Geography

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Vietnam:History, Culture and Geography

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  1. Vietnam:History, Culture and Geography

  2. Geography What countries are on the borders of Vietnam? The northern border is shared with China. The north-western border is with Laos. The south-western border is with Cambodia. The remainder is South China Sea coastline. What is the climate like in Vietnam? During the north monsoon, northern Vietnam has cloudy days with occasional light rain, while southern Vietnam tends to be dry and sunny.

  3. Temperatures are high all year round for southern and central Vietnam; but northern Vietnam has a definite cooler season as the north monsoon occasionally advects cold air in from China. Frost and some snow may occur on the highest mountains in the north for a few days a year.Vietnam has a single rainy season during the south monsoon (May-Sep). Rainfall is infrequent and light during the remainder of the year. For coastal areas and the parts of the central highlands facing northeast, the season of maximum rainfall is during the south monsoon, from Sep-Jan. These regions receive torrential rain from typhoons which move in from the South China Sea at this time of the year. The weather at this time is cloudy with frequent drizzle.

  4. What is the capital city of Vietnam? Hanoi is in the North and is the capital city of Vietnam. Hanoi What is the big city in the South? The big city in the South used to be called Saigon, but now it is called Ho Chi Minh city because of the fall of Saigon in 1975 by the new communist government, in honour of their great leader Ho Chi Minh and he named the city after his own name. Ho Chi Minh city

  5. What is the geography of Vietnam?

  6. History What other countries have ruled Vietnam? Throughout much of its two-thousand-year history, Vietnam has been ruled by other nations. The Chinese conquered Vietnam in the third century B.C. and ruled for one thousand years. Following this period, Vietnam enjoyed nine hundred years of independence. In 1884 France took control of the country. Japan ruled Vietnam for most of World War II (1939–1945), but the French regained control until their defeat in 1954. That year, Vietnam was divided into two separate nations, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.During the 1960s and 1970s, Vietnam experienced an especially difficult period of war, political unrest, and division.

  7. Why was French spoken in Vietnam? Because Vietnam was formerly French Indochina, a French colony. Why was America in Vietnam during the 1960’s? Because during the Vietnam’s civil war (the north against the south)America came in, to help the south battle against the north. What system of government is in place? Communism.

  8. Culture What is the traditional dress of the Vietnamese people? In the south of Vietnam they are called Ao ba ba for women . In the north of Vietnam they are called Ao tu than for women. In the middle of Vietnam it is called Ao dai for the women.In Vietnam all men have the common dress called Ao dai khan dong. Ao tu thanAo ba ba Ao dai khan dongAo dai

  9. What sort of food/fruit is popular?Bun canh Vietnamese fruit Burger with chips Bun bo hue Pho Com Tam

  10. Art

  11. Music

  12. Temples

  13. Laquerware