Hillel house project review
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Hillel House Project Review . 4 /3/09. Boiler Green Initiative. Introduction . Hillel House. Matt Leon – Senior, OLS (Project Leader) Rachel Machbitz – Freshman, Engineering (Project Liaison) Emily Pohlman - Senior, Environmental Science Jessica Zuponcic - Freshman, Engineering.

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Hillel house project review

Hillel HouseProject Review


Boiler Green Initiative


Hillel House

  • Matt Leon – Senior, OLS (Project Leader)

  • Rachel Machbitz – Freshman, Engineering (Project Liaison)

  • Emily Pohlman - Senior, Environmental Science

  • Jessica Zuponcic - Freshman, Engineering

Boiler Green Initiative

Community need
Community Need

Hillel House

  • Relevance to the project partner

    • What is the need that is being addressed?

      • Hillel House currently uses many of the same structures and appliances that were established with the house’s initial construction in 1950 and are in need of updating.

      • Our goal is to reduce electricity consumption by 15% and gas consumption by 20-30%

Boiler Green Initiative

Community need1
Community Need

Hillel House

  • Initial contact was made with the organization for the analysis of potentially establishing a green roof on the building.

  • Reducing building energy consumption will allow more funds to be directed to the students in the organization and improve the building.

Boiler Green Initiative

Goals of the project
Goals of the Project

Hillel House

  • The BGI team will create a strategic plan to maximize energy savings with minimal capital input and implement small scale repairs and additions.

  • Our team will not be able to install large scale projects such as window replacement, electrical rewiring, or heating and cooling system changes.

Boiler Green Initiative

Goals of the project1
Goals of the Project

Hillel House

  • What is the success criteria?

    • The success of this project will come from reducing energy costs for Hillel House at a rate that will justify the initial investment. We don’t want to spend more than $4000 on the rain garden.

Boiler Green Initiative

Last semester s plans
Last semester’s plans

Hillel House

  • Finished a Feasibility Report

  • Winterized Building

  • Eliminated Non Feasible Concepts

    • Geothermal

    • Green Roof

  • Continued of Feasible Concepts

    • Winterization

    • Windows

    • Solar

    • Rain Garden

Boiler Green Initiative

Feasibility chart
Feasibility Chart

Hillel House



Not Feasible

Boiler Green Initiative


  • Insulation

    • Keeps energy from escaping from the building and into the atmosphere, which keeps cost down.

  • Covering Windows with Plastic

    • Keeps energy from escaping. Similar to insulation.

  • Replacing Broken Panes

    • Replacing these panes will directly affect energy loss because we are fixing a hole in the wall.

Boiler Green Initiative

Windows overview
Windows: Overview

Hillel House

  • Window Replacement Quotes from Two Companies

    • Bee Window

    • Best Window and Door Company

  • Developed Pros/Cons of Each Company/Quote

Boiler Green Initiative

Windows background information
Windows: Background Information

Hillel House

  • Terminology

    • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

    • U-Factor

  • Other Options

    • Panorama Window Film

    • Wall Sections installed

Boiler Green Initiative

Windows: Data

  • Best Window and Door had a Lower U-Factor (.28 versus .31 for Bee Window)

  • Similar SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient)

  • Number of Windows vs. Price

    • Bee Window: 71 Windows for $44,313.00

    • Best Window and Door: 82 Windows for $46,318.23

    • Best Window and Door has Lower Cost per Window ($564.86/Window)

Boiler Green Initiative

Solar overview
Solar: Overview

Hillel House

  • Goals of Solar Energy

    • Reduce electricity use from grid

    • Creative use of passive solar to reduce heating/cooling needs

    • Extend the roof overhang on the building in order to block sun in summer

Boiler Green Initiative

Solar proposed solutions
Solar: Proposed Solutions

Hillel House

  • Passive solar

    • Use natural lighting to reduce interior lighting needs

    • Can be utilized while minimizing window surface area during replacement


Boiler Green Initiative

Need for rain garden
Need for Rain Garden

  • Cuts down on water consumption

  • Reuse of rain water

  • Aesthetically appealing with the plants

  • Learning tool about wetlands for the community and Purdue by making a Rain Garden brochure

Rain garden overview
Rain Garden: Overview

  • A shallow constructed depression that is planted with deep-rooted native plants & grasses.

  • Easiest, most cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing thing that can be done to reduce the contribution to storm

    water pollution.

  • Eliminates the need for an irrigation system.

  • Provides the opportunity to fix the current



Boiler Green Initiative

Storage calculations
Storage Calculations

Definite Integral Calculation--

Depth of reservoir:

1feet 11 2/3 inches

Diameter of reservoir:

10feet 2 inches

We are going to capture 600 gallons per rain event.

Preliminary budget
Preliminary Budget

Hillel House

Boiler Green Initiative

Plans for rest of this semester
Plans for rest of this semester

Hillel House

  • Finish brochure for winterization

  • Best Windows and Door to install new windows

  • Implementation of passive solar solution

  • Install landscape/rain garden

  • Finish brochure for rain garden

Boiler Green Initiative


Boiler Green Initiative