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Corporate Presentation April 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Corporate Presentation April 2012
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Corporate Presentation April 2012

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  1. CorporatePresentationApril 2012

  2. Management Team andBoard of Directors • James Culver, Director, President and CEO • Patrick Fernet, Chairman and VP • Michel J. Lafrance, Director and Secretary-Treasurer • Kevin Barnes, CFO • Peter M. Dimmell, Director, Geological Consultant and Qualified Person (QP) • Robert Boisjoli, Director

  3. Corporate Informaton Stock Symbol : VVC (TSX Venture Exchange) V7S (Borse Frankfurt) SharesOutstanding : 63,300,961 Current market cap: $5.1M Warrants : XXX Options: XXX Head Office: Suite 501, 121 Richmond W. Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2K1 Satellite offices:! -1 Place Ville-Marie, Suite 1812, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 4A9 -Periférico Boul. Ortiz Mena 2824 Local 22, Col. Quintas del Sol, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, México

  4. Recent Press Release There iscurrently a non-bindingletter of intent for VVC to purchase the preciousmetalsassetsof Camex MDG. This is an accretive acquisition, bolstering the number of preciousmetal exploration propertiesthat VVC will have access to in Mexico. Camex MDG is a private, Canadian companywith a whollyownedsubsidiary in Mexico. Throughstrong, country-specificknowledge and provengeological expertise, Camex has acquiredsome excellent exploration properties in Mexico. The Camexpreciousmetalproperties combine wellwithVVC’sMexicanproperties to ensurethatthereis a strong exploration story when the companygoes to market to fund exploration of theseproperties.

  5. Current Offering Price: $0.07 (slight discount to market) Warrant: 1 full warrant (entitles the holder to 1 commonshare), exerciseprice $0.12 for 1 yearfollowing the closing date Amount: up to $500,000 Use of proceeds: working capital and corporaterequirementsuntil the time of the proposed transaction withCamex MDG

  6. Our Strategy • Acquire a portfolio of promisingMexicanpreciousmetalsexploration properties, utilize country-specific expertise alongsideoutstandinggeologicaltrack record to create value • The twoprimarypropertiesare Cumeral in VVC and Escondida in Camex. Thesepropertiesbothpresentthe opportunity for open-pitpreciousmetalmining • With the combination of VVC and Camex MDG properties, raise up to $3M for exploration of the twoprimaryproperties • The management team has prepared a well-defined exploration and drilling plan and has a good idea of the kind of resultstheyshouldexpectfromtheseproperties

  7. Current Exploration Projects • VVC has on two gold and silver projects in Mexico: • Cumeral in Sonora State, 200 Km north of Hermosillo • Anyadditional intro description wecanaddhere?? • La Tuna in Sinoloa State near Choix • Same?? • And one grass roots projects in Canada: • Timmins Twp. • Whatisthis? – size, mineraltarget, hopesdreams??


  9. Cumeral Highlights • Property covers 6,649 hectares in the State of Sonora, Mexico—140K from Tucson Arizona • Located on the Sierra Madre Occidental in the Sonora Desert at approximately 900 meters elevation. • Surface sampling and air track drilling in four zones show the presence of Gold, Silver and Copper. Total mineralization zone at least 3.6 K long. • Based on the mineralization the property has the potential for significant deposits of gold and copper. • Mineralization similar to La Heradura Mine in Sonora Mexico • Located 220 km northwest of Hermosillo, Sonora • Comprises 5 Claims aggregating 1,665 hectares • VVC has taken 93 grab samples of which the best returned 12.65 g/t Au • 28 Air track drill the best 14m at 1,45 g/t Au and 6,74 g/t Ag • Anything else we can add that points to the potential of this property or what we want to do with it?

  10. EPITHERMAL GOLD DEPOSIT Cumeral (Sonora, Mexico) An epithermal gold deposit in an extensionaltectonic setting

  11. Successful Projects Nearby Mesquite gold mine 8 MOz Au reserves+resources Among current biggest US gold mine Cumeral property La Herradura mine 8 MOz Au reserves Mexico biggest gold mine (Penmont Jan 20 2012) San Francisco mine 1 MOz Au resources Nov 2011 43-101

  12. Cumeral gold zones • VVC has taken 93 grab samples • of which the best returned • 12.65 g/t Au • 28 Air track drills, the best 14m • at 1.45 g/t Au and 6.74 g/t Ag

  13. Resource Development Plan • Carry out an InducedPolarizationsurvey as well as a soilgeochemicaalsurvey on Cumeral gold trend up to El Queche Placer • Undertake a vertical, shallow, diamond drill holescampaign to delineate a flat, near surface, bulk-tonnage gold deposit. • A first NW-SE line of drill holesshouldbestartedjustabove the Cascabelpit and progresssoutheastwardwith 100m increment • Then, if this first line of ddhissuccesful in delineating a near surface flat gold zone, ddhfencedrillingshouldprogressnorthward and southward • Do we have an estimatedcost for the program or to 43-101??

  14. Cumeral gold zones DRILLING PROGRAM Wheredidthedrillingprogram come from? What are theobjectives/expectations A first NW-SE line of drill holesshouldbestartedjustabove the Cascabelpit and progresssoutheastwardwith 100m increment Then, if this first line of ddhissuccesful, ddhfencedrillingshouldprogressnortheastward and southwestwardward Gardin Inc.

  15. OtherProperties • La Tuna • Timmons

  16. ProposedCamex Transaction • Summary of proposed deal • Ie – combination of Mexicanbasedpreciousmetal’splays • Developresources/43-101 around a welldefineddrilling/exploration plan etcetc • Whatdoesit do for the combinedentity • Overview of strategy and development plan • Whatdoesthisofferinvestors?? - early stages of Mexicanpreciousmetalsplaywithsignificantupsidepotential (if wecan point to some comparables or otherlikesuccesses)

  17. HighlightsSummary • Combined package of Mexican exploration projects • Objectives: • 43-101’s for differentproperties • Resource development • Interimfunding – generalworking capital in advance of transaction

  18. Contact Information