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Eyesight quality affects nearly every sector of our life, from the safety of your daily commute to your child\'s success in the classroom. Our Calgary optometrists and opticians can help you test and maintain your eyesight, find vision correction options, and treat eye conditions. Visit - http://drwilsoneyecare.com/\n

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Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates


Family Eye Care & Optometrists in Calgary

Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates

About Us

Dr. Alex G. Wilson & Associates Optometrists offers Our two Calgary locations at

The Deerfoot and Westbrook Malls treat residents of all ages. Learn more about

Our company below.

Dr. Alex G. Wilson founded our company in 1984. At that time, Dr. Wilson served as the only optometrist and provided services from the Deerfoot Mall ocation.However, the team quickly found that a single office could not accommodate all their atients.

Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates

Eye Care Services

Let us help you with a range of vision health needs. Our staff provides the following services:

Eye Condition Diagnosis and Treatment: Exterior eye conditions may result in pain, discomfort, or vision changes. If you experience unusual symptoms, such as eye irritation or blurred vision, schedule a screening.

Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates

Contact Lenses

We Fit All Types of Contact Lenses.

Dr. Alex G. Wilson & Associates is a Calgary optometrist offering a fine selection of contact lenses at competitive prices. We fit all types of contact lenses with most prescriptions in stock, including disposables, toric lenses for astigmatism, gas-permeable lenses, tinted cosmetic lenses, etc.

Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates

Eye Conditions

Learn More about Eye Infections & Inflammations::

Dr. Alex G. Wilson & Associates treats a variety of eye conditions, including various infections and inflammations, for patients of all ages in Calgary, including the following:

Dry Eyes,Detached Retinas,Conjunctivitis,Cataracts,Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)

Eye doctor calgary dr alex g wilson associates

Dr. Alex G. Wilson & Associates

Contact: Dr. Alex Wilson

Address: 1200-37th St S.W,

Calgary, Alberta, T3C 1S2,


Phone: 403-240-2144

Email: info@drwilsoneyecare.com


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