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Dr. William McArthur has an extensive history of education. He started his medical career at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine after graduating from college. It was here he began his life-long medical career from which he would go on to learn so much.

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Dr william mcarthur experience as a doctor

Dr William McArthur

Experience As A Doctor

After his time at the Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency Program, Dr. William McArthur went on to the John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency Program. This program was especially valuable, as it gave him much needed experience in operative obstetrics. This would be vital for him upon joining his first practice. He spent a further two years here, and gained valuable insight. Dr. William McArthur attended the school of medicine at the University of Mississippi after his college graduation. From there he got an internship at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. After this insightful internship, he then worked for one year at the Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr william mcarthur experience as a doctor

Dr William McArthur

And The Rise Of Diabetes

Modern society has seen an astronomical rise in diabetes, according to Dr. William McArthur, and other medical professionals. This meteoric increase in cases across the United States has only gotten worse as time goes on, despite efforts to stem it. The biggest cause of this modern problem, is the lifestyles that people live in today’s world. People have gotten used to consuming larger and larger amounts of unhealthy foods, while living increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This combination has proven quite dangerous, and has seen diabetic levels on the rise. Health officials have tried in vain to stop it. According to researchers, the cases of diabetes throughout the entire world has quadrupled in the past three decades alone. At home, the situation does not look good. People continue to eat unhealthy foods, as physical activity dwindles away. A big part of the problem is that these people’s diets consist of unhealthy foods that are cheap, and readily available at any fast food restaurant.

Dr william mcarthur experience as a doctor

Dr William McArthur

On The Causes Of Hypertension

Dr. William McArthur, as well as other health professionals in the United States and throughout the world, are deeply concerned about the growing levels of certain diseases and health issues. One of these issues is hypertension. Hypertension is extremely high blood pressure, usually over 140/90. In recent years, hypertension, along with other health problems has grown significantly throughout the country. There are several factors that can be attributed to this dramatic increase. Of these, lack of physical exercise and poor diet are the main causes. Fast food restaurants and unhealthy store bought foods are usually extremely cheap compared to healthier organic options. This has made them an increasingly bigger part of the average diet, and has resulted in numerous health problems. Unhealthy fats, sugars, and artificial ingredients have all contributed to the rise in hypertension. Lack of exercise is an important factor as well, as this promotes the rising of cholesterol, and the blocking of arteries. The combination of a poor diet with unhealthy lifestyles has shown to create a dramatic rise in preventable health issues.

Dr william mcarthur experience as a doctor

Dr William McArthur

Four Things You Should Know About Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association reports that almost 30 million people in the United States suffer from diabetes. Dr. William McArthur of Hattiesburg, Mississippi has seen hundreds of patients who suffer from the disease. It’s hard to pinpoint why a person has diabetes—it could be gestational, a result of a pre-diabetic diagnosis, or an early diagnosis of juvenile diabetes. Regardless of the reason, if you are one of the 26 million, here are four things that you should know:

1. Know the Difference Between Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational

You have to first understand what type of diabetes you have. Here is a look at the three diabetic groups:

Type 1: During the type 1 stage, the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

Type 2: This diabetic stage is where the body has difficulty breaking down glucose.

2. Monitor Your Blood Sugar

3. Have a Balanced Diet

4. Exercise

5. Find a Quality Physician

Dr william mcarthur experience as a doctor


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