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How to create Passion in Your Life PowerPoint Presentation
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How to create Passion in Your Life

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How to create Passion in Your Life
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How to create Passion in Your Life

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  1. How to create Passion in Your Life Terry Shadwell

  2. Over the last few weeks we have been looking at passion, what it is, love and hate, and what kills our passion. • Well today we will look at how to create passion in our lives. • Why? • Because those people that love with passion have a far more enjoyable and fulfilling life than those that do not.

  3. The first step to being able to live with passion is to acknowledge your feelings. • You need to allow yourself to actually feel and get emotional over what happens in your life, not just close yourself of to everything. • That does not mean you need to live with your heart on your sleeve or become angry over the smallest things.

  4. It means that you are allowed to laugh at what you find funny, cry at the sad moments of a film, tell those around you that you love and miss them, and take a stand on issues that you believe need to be dealt with.

  5. Another way to create passion back into your life is to let go of the false facade that you have created about yourself in your life. • Stop pretending to be to highly sophisticate person and allow that inner child to shine through. • You can’t live with passion when you are not being yourself.

  6. If you need to hold back and be someone you’re not, then you’re not enjoying what is going on around you. • The funny thing is your friends and family will not stop loving you if you are just being yourself.

  7. What people do not understand about passion is that it cannot be faked. • Some people like to over react to various things hopping that people think that they are passionate and really care about an issue. • You see them get angry and scream and yell, yet you can tell that they are only doing it to make themselves look good.

  8. The same can be said about people that go on TV and jump up and down on the host lounge, hopping that people will believe that they are in love. • What these people don’t realise is that their over acting only highlights that the only thing that they are passionate about is themselves and self centeredness is never good for anybody.

  9. True passion comes into your life you are just being yourself. • Go and do what it is in life that you want to do. • Don’t let the fringe dwellers and the want to be’s judge you.

  10. They are ones that will drain you of your passion. • Why? • Because they are afraid that you will have a better and more enjoyable life than they are. • So get rid of these people and if they try to stop you or hold you back, then use that as a reason to go and do it anyway.

  11. So be yourself, surround yourself with true friends and allow your emotions to shine through. • Then you will see that passion will come back into your life. • You will be living a far more enjoyable life and you may even be able to help others have a better life as well.

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