les presentamos panama n.
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Les presentamos PANAMA!

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Les presentamos PANAMA! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Les presentamos PANAMA!. By jack, thomas. El president. Ricardo martinelli he is in the democratic change, he was prestent in 2009. Los animales que viven aqui son. Some animals in panama are a slouth, tiger, parrit. panama.

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Presentation Transcript
el president
El president
  • Ricardo martinelli he is in the democratic change, he was prestent in 2009
los animales que viven aqui son
Los animalesquevivenaqui son
  • Some animals in panama are a slouth, tiger, parrit.
  • our country is panama and our capital is panama city. Panama city has 3.802 millon people living there. The sports they play in panama are soccer , football , cricket , basketball and rugby.
the panama flag
  • The rojo on the panama flag repesenta liberals. The azul on the panama flag means conservatives. The blanco on the panama flag representa equal division. Last the stars on the panama flag representa loyaity. The colares are red white and blue!!!!
panama el de panama es tropical
Panama el de panama es tropical
  • the climate in panama is tropical weather, which means it is hot there most of the time. The temperature is mostle around 85 dagress.
la religion es
La religion es
  • the panama religion is 75 percent catholic and 25 percent other
las comidas populares son
lascomidaspopulares son
  • Some foods in panama are tortillas , hojaldras , sancocho
la moneda
La moneda
  • 1 american dollar is 1.00000 dollares in panama.
el mapa
El mapa
  • 3 important places in panama are. 1 .panama canal. It has ben open since 1984, also it is 48 mi long. It was a us property. Then they gave it to panama central government.
el mapa1
El mapa
  • 2 the panama viejo. It was founded augest 15 , 1519. also there was a number of fires from 1539 to 1563.
el mapa2
El mapa
  • 3 the estadio rommel ferandez. 32 thousand people can fit into the statium. The old name for the statium was estadio revolucion but was changed in 1993.
3 peronas famosas
3 peronasfamosas
  • 3 people are john mccain, mariano rivera, jordan brewster. John mccain was in the us navy. Mariano rivera was a closer for the newyork yankies he was very good. Jordan brewster was in a very famus opra.
2 holidays or festivals
2 holidays or festivals
  • the new year is january 1 just like us. May first is labour day. The new year is the first day of the spanish calender, it started in 45 bc. Labour day it sratrted in the northern hemisphere.
2 holidays
2 holidays
  • Labour day it sratrted in the northern hemisphere.