os sets the standard in patient care internationally n.
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OS Sets the Standard in Patient Care Internationally PowerPoint Presentation
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OS Sets the Standard in Patient Care Internationally

OS Sets the Standard in Patient Care Internationally

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OS Sets the Standard in Patient Care Internationally

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  1. OS Sets the Standard in Patient Care Internationally -Dr. Tyson Cobb

  2. The staff at Orthopaedic Specialists (OS) was recently awarded scholarship money to present original research at the 2015 American Association for Hand Surgery (AAHS) Annual Meeting in Nassau, Bahamas. This meeting was held in collaboration with British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH). Although Dr. Tyson Cobb is already well known worldwide for his minimally invasive surgical innovations and research, ‘Team Cobb’ has ‘stepped up’ and is setting a new standard for patient care. OS is proud to announce that due to the collaborative efforts of their staff at the Center of Excellence for Hand and Upper Extremity, Team Cobb was able to present the results of three research studies at the international meeting.

  3. Two of the research articles informed other surgeons and therapists of the minimally invasive surgical techniques developed by Dr. Cobb and treatment outcomes for patients with thumb arthritis and chronic distal biceps tendon ruptures (the biceps muscle tears where it attaches to the front of the elbow). Patients who underwent Arthroscopic Resection Arthroplastyfor thumb arthritis were followed for a minimum of five years. These patients were found to have good results with respect to pain, strength, function, and satisfaction. Although chronic biceps tendon rupture (BTR) is often complicated by severe retraction and contraction and therefore traditionally thought to require tendon grafting, Dr. Cobb performs the surgery end oscopically, through a small incision without the need for the graft.

  4. After following their patients who underwent this procedure for more than seven years, this technique was found to be a safe and effective solution for symptomatic patients resulting in full range of motion and pain relief. Finally, hand-therapist, Elizabeth Kabel, DPT, was awarded scholarship funds for her contributions in documenting the treatment and outcomes of a professional motocross racer who underwent a novel, not previously reported, minimally invasive surgical technique. The patient was a 23-year-old professional motocross racer who presented with a six-week history of chronic right-sided forearm pain that was causing his hands to go numb and feel weak while riding his motorbike. The pain was so severe that he was unable to continue riding. He was treated unsuccessfully with conservative management before presenting for surgical intervention.

  5. The patient was diagnosed with chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the forearm (CECS). CECS of the forearm is a very painful and dangerous condition that motocross racers often refer to as “arm-pump.” CECS is traditionally treated with open compartment release requiring large incisions (nearly the entire length of the forearm) that can result in long recovery times and less than optimal aesthetic results. Dr. Cobb used an endoscopic technique to perform the surgery through a small incision. The patient’s symptoms resolved following surgery. He resumed riding at one week, competing at three weeks, and continues to ride competitively without symptoms. Images of the traditional surgical approach and the minimal scarring following technique used by Dr. Cobb are shown in Figures 1 and 2 respectively.

  6. For more information about the minimally invasive techniques presented during the meeting, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cobb or another one of our specialists, please contact us today

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