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dr devi charan shetty

ITS Dental College, Ghaziabad has a marvel that knows how to mold students in their best possible state and make them competent enough to face the world. None other than Dr Devi Charan Shetty has been nurturing brilliant minds to give the nation numerous accomplished dental surgeons. Flawless and infallible, his teaching skills mark his presence everywhere he gives lecture or a seminar.

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dr devi charan shetty

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  1. Why White lesions appear White ? By : Dr. Devi Charan Shetty Principal, Professor and HOD Department of Oral Pathology, ITS CDSR, Ghaziabad

  2. Varied appearances of White Lesions

  3. Why white lesions appear white???? Epithelium Connective tissue • Increased thickness of the epithelium • Hydration of keratin • Acanthosis • Increased fibrosis • Increased distance of blood vessels from epithelium

  4. Why white lesions appear white???? • Increased thickness of the epithelium imparts a white appearance to the oral mucosa by increasing the distance to the underlying blood vessels. Usually this thickening is a result of the increased formation of keratin. • Ability of abnormal oral keratin to evenly reflect the visible light spectrum because of the hydration of the keratin layer in a manner similar to the reaction of the stratum corneum of the epidermis to water.

  5. Why white lesions appear white???? • Acanthosis or a thickening of the spinous cell layer, edema of the epithelium, or increased fibrosis of the connective tissue thereby reducing blood vessels. • Occasionally the surface of an ulcer may appear white, due to collection of fibrin on the surface. • Further elucidation in regard to the role of lipids, keratohyaline granules, membrane-coating granules, and intercellular cement.

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