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Solutions Beyond Dentures

A presentation on the importance of having fixed teeth to lead a good quality of life

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Solutions Beyond Dentures

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Kiss your Dentures Goodbye … for ever! A presentation by Dr. PrasanthPillai, Director, TheSmileCentre.in

  2. Solutions Beyond Dentures… Dr. PrasanthPillai MDS (OMFS), FICD Oro-Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist Director (A unit of Pramod Dental & Oro Maxillofacial Clinic)Kochi, Kerala, India Goodbye2Dentures.com

  3. Greetings from A unit of Pramod Dental & Oro-Maxillofacial Clinic Goodbye2Dentures.com

  4. Kiss your slippery & painful dentures Goodbye… for ever! Goodbye2Dentures.com

  5. THE MOUTH & JAWS… The Mechanism of the Oro-Dento-Facial Office! Goodbye2Dentures.com

  6. * Our mouth is an office… * In case of adults, 32 people work here… * The front teeth (incisors & canines) are the staff at the reception… they receive food which is cut into smaller portions * The back teeth (premolars & molars) are the back office staff – they are the grinders who help in breaking the food down into smaller particles prior to swallowing Goodbye2Dentures.com

  7. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  8. * There are several office assistants who help in smooth co-ordination of the office activities... they are the muscles of mastication (which aid in chewing) & the muscles of facial expression. * The tongue is the PRO of the office who takes the food to the back office… Goodbye2Dentures.com

  9. * There are two managers for the office… the two jaw joints Goodbye2Dentures.com

  10. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  11. THE OFFICE PRINCIPLES For efficient working of this office all members should be seated in their right places and should also work in unison. Any imbalance in this wonderful mechanism will cause strain on the managers - the joints and also their assistants, the muscles... causing pain and other problems. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  12. Just as is the case in any office, all problematic workers should be either disciplined to ensure they discharge their duties properly, or, thrown out (ie extracted). If such a disciplinary action is not taken,  the sincere workers in the office will be affected and the job being done turns out to be improper. In situations where problem creators are retained, just as is the case in most offices, the trouble makers survive in the office after kicking out the sincere, hard working colleagues. The functioning of the office turns out to be chaotic and pathetic and in course of time becomes totally inefficient. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  13. If an efficient member of the office has been removed, it is important that a suitable replacement is done to ensure the other members are not overloaded with work, thereby facilitating smooth functioning of the office. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  14. Deciduous Teeth & Jaws Goodbye2Dentures.com

  15. Permanent Teeth & Jaws Goodbye2Dentures.com

  16. Partial loss of teeth with advancing age Goodbye2Dentures.com

  17. Complete loss of teeth Goodbye2Dentures.com

  18. Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants Goodbye2Dentures.com

  19. TheSmileCentre.in Team Goodbye2Dentures.com

  20. Missing Teeth… The Problems * Compromised chewing efficiency* Supra-eruption of opposing teeth* Drifting of adjacent teeth into the space* Food accumulation between the teeth which have moved* Dental decay & gum disease in areas of food accumulation* Loss of equilibrium in the chewing mechanisms * Loss of “alveolar” bone height in the area of missing teeth* Jaw Joint problems – closed bite due to loss of teeth, TMJ osteoarthritis * Overloading of existing functional teeth leading to problems* Collapse of cheek into the space…cosmetic & functional problems * Accidental cheek biting, tongue biting & ulceration Goodbye2Dentures.com

  21. The most important point here is to maintain existing teeth in healthy and functional condition. Artificial replacements can never match the efficacy of natural teeth. In case teeth have been lost for various reasons, there are provisions to install fixed teeth in the mouth... with the help of dental implants, crowns and bridge work, the problems concerning removable dentures are solved for ever. Dental Implants are the next best alternatives to natural teeth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  22. * Multiple missing teeth cause atrophy (wasting) of jaw bone * Severe bone loss makes replacement of teeth difficult in later stages Goodbye2Dentures.com

  23. Tooth present Tooth is present in the jaw; the jaw bone is full and healthy. Major Bone Loss The bone continues to shrink as time passes. The longer there is no tooth present, the more bone loss occurs. Tooth extracted Tooth is lost due to trauma or extraction due to excessive decay. The socket is empty and the surrounding bone is not needed to support the missing tooth. Bone Loss continues In addition to the surrounding bone, the jaw bone, not needed to support teeth, begins to shrink. Bone Collapses The surrounding bone collapses into the empty space, and begins to shrink.

  24. Beginning to Shrink The jaw bone, not needed to support teeth, begins to shrink. Missing Teeth When teeth are lost or need to be pulled, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated. All teeth present When teeth are present in the jaw, the jaw bone is full. Alveolar Bone Major Bone Loss As time passes, the jaw continues to shrink, becoming thin and brittle, changing the shape and appearance of the face. Basal Bone Atrophied Mandible

  25. Facial collapse Occurs with atrophy of jaw bones (due to loss of multiple teeth) gradually leading a collapsed facial structure.

  26. Various Methods of Replacing Missing Teeth 1. Removable Partial Dentures 2. Full / Complete Dentures Goodbye2Dentures.com

  27. 3. Over - Dentures Goodbye2Dentures.com

  28. 4. Implant - supported dentures Goodbye2Dentures.com

  29. Deficient Lower Jaw Ridge Goodbye2Dentures.com

  30. 5. Conventional Crown & Bridgework 6. Dental Implants supported Bridgework Goodbye2Dentures.com

  31. PROBLEMS WITH DENTURES Even the best quality dentures fabricated utilizing the latest advancements in techniques cannot match the comfort and function of fixed teeth in the mouth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  32. PROBLEMS WITH DENTURES Relationships Badbreath Ulcerations & Pain Denture in water Restricted physical activity Loose Dentures Maintenance issues Goodbye2Dentures.com Speech problems Taste & Temperature

  33. FOOD INTAKE • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Restricted due to chewing difficulties, resulting in nutrition related issues • FIXED TEETH • Normal. The person is able to have his food exactly like a person with natural healthy teeth and therefore is unlikely to have nutritional deficiencies. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  34. Most people with removable dentures are unhappy with them for various reasons. Here are a few reasons & comparisons… Goodbye2Dentures.com

  35. CHEWING EFFICIENCY • REMOVABLE DENTURES: • Less than half in comparison with fixed teeth solutions • FIXED TEETH • 100% chewing efficiency... quite similar to that of natural teeth Goodbye2Dentures.com

  36. NUTRITIONAL PROBLEMS Wearing dentures can significantly reduce your ability to eat and enjoy your favourite foods. Denture wearers experience a reduction in bite-force (ability to bite) of up to 10 times, and a decrease in chewing efficiency of nearly 30%. In fact, 17% of denture wearers claim they eat more efficiently without their dentures! (What is the point of having false teeth if you can’t even use them?) This reduced ability to chew means that denture wearers are swallowing larger pieces of food. This can lead to digestive complications such as indigestion, choking hazards, and constipation. The bite force achievable by fixed, non-removable teeth is close to what can be achieved with natural teeth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  37. ENJOYMENT OF FOOD • REMOVABLE DENTURES • True taste, flavor and smells of food are not perceived. Chewing awareness is very low. • FIXED TEETH • Perception of true taste, flavor, smells and temperature changes of food are unaffected. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  38. BAD BREATH (HALITOSIS) • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Incidence is very high, even in patients whose dentures are kept clean. • FIXED TEETH • Low Incidence Goodbye2Dentures.com

  39. COMFORT • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Poor. A significant percentage of denture wearers don't use them due to various reasons. Some use them only for cosmetic reasons. • FIXED TEETH • Comfort of natural teeth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  40. PAIN AND ULCERATIONS • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Caused by ill-fitting dentures • FIXED TEETH • Incidence is negligible. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  41. COSMETIC FACTORS • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Gives only moderately acceptable solution. • FIXED TEETH • Excellent esthetic solutions can be given to patients. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  42. CONDITION OF THE JAW BONE • REMOVABLE DENTURE • Gradual atrophy (deterioration & loss of bone) sets in and bone loss progresses turning the dentures loose and ill-fitting. The ill fitting dentures in turn accelerate the bone loss.  Goodbye2Dentures.com

  43. FIXED TEETH • Fixed artificial teeth held in place with the help of natural teeth (as is the case with crown & bridge work) or with implants, help in reducing the rate of bone loss / atrophy. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  44. POOR GUMS AND BONE CONDITION • Removable dentures will not work in such patients. Even if patients are given dentures, they don't wear them due to several problems arising from their ill fitting status  • Fixed dental solutions employing dental implants are the only options in such situations Goodbye2Dentures.com

  45. FACIAL APPEARANCE WITH ADVANCING AGE REMOVABLE DENTURES • The supporting bones shrink and the dentures turn ill fitting. The patient also develops a "collapsed face" giving an aged look over a period of years. FIXED TEETH • Supporting jaw-bone contours are maintained which in turn helps to maintain a relatively youthful appearance. Dental implants help in retaining bone around them. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  46. Facial Collapse Facelift Dentistry Goodbye2Dentures.com

  47. With advancing age, the vertical height of the lower face reduces. This happens as a result of decrease in vertical dimensions due to wearing out of teeth, loss of teeth and resorption of jaw bones. With advanced dental treatment options utilizing crowns, bridges and implants, the vertical height can be regained. The procedures also helps in preventing further loss of vertical bone height. This helps reduce facial creases, wrinkles and rejuvenates the face in general, giving the person a younger look and feel. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  48. CLASPS • REMOVABLE DENTURES • The clasps can cause damage to adjacent teeth, gums and also create provisions for food lodgement. • There have been medical emergencies arising out of swallowed dentures which have had to be extricated surgically under General Anesthesia as the sharp clasps were clinging against the soft tissues in the gut lining. • FIXED TEETH • No clasps and hooks. Very smooth prosthesis margins give a feel of natural teeth in every sense. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  49. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY • REMOVABLE DENTURE • Swimming and intensive sporting activities are often nightmares for denture wearers. • FIXED TEETH • Person feels as comfortable as a person having normal healthy teeth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

  50. MAINTENANCE & CARE • REMOVABLE DENTURES • Have to be removed and brushed outside the mouth at-least twice a day using various denture care aids.  • FIXED TEETH • Maintenance and care is quite the same as is the case with natural teeth. Goodbye2Dentures.com

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