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How Can Gestational Diabetes Affect Pregnant Woman - Dr Neelima Mantri PowerPoint Presentation
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How Can Gestational Diabetes Affect Pregnant Woman - Dr Neelima Mantri

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How Can Gestational Diabetes Affect Pregnant Woman - Dr Neelima Mantri - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are looking for Gestational Diabetes treatment in India, Dr. Neelima Mantri with her years of experience can help you.\n

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Gestational Diabetes is a condition where the temporary form of diabetes develops during pregnancy and disappears right after giving birth to a child. It may occur at any stage, most of the cases are found to be developed in the second half of the pregnancy. It is estimated that it occurs in 4% of the pregnancy cases, often in a woman without a prior history of Diabetes.

Though Gestational Diabetes is only a temporary condition, mothers with this condition are found to have an increased chance of developing type-2 diabetes in future, so it is advised to get the advised check-up done every year.


what causes gestational diabetes

What causes Gestational Diabetes?

  • Gestational Diabetes is caused when high glucose levels are found in the blood. These high glucose levels are due to the inability of the mother to produce much-needed insulin and this lack of insulin causes the rise of blood sugar levels manifesting itself as Gestational Diabetes.
  • This need for more insulin is could be caused by the flare of various hormones during the pregnancy which halts the normal insulin from doing its job i.e., controlling the blood sugar levels. The growing demands of the foetus could also increase the need for more insulin, lack of which causes the blood sugar levels to rise.

Signs and Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

  • There are no prior symptoms, some of the signs like increase in thirst, frequent need to pee and tiredness are common during pregnancy so Gestational Diabetes is only confirmed after checking the blood sugar levels.


how does gestational diabetes affect pregnant

How does Gestational Diabetes affect Pregnant Woman?

  • The high blood sugar levels in the blood may cause baby growing larger than usual which may increase the chances of needing the Caesarean section.
  • There is an increase in the chances of mother getting the urinary tract infections.
  • Poor control of High blood sugars may also increase the likelihood of pre-term birth or even miscarriages.
  • Increased risk of Preeclampsia in the mother, a condition of high blood pressure and high protein in the urine.
  • Woman with Gestational Diabetes is found to have an increased chance of developing Type-2 Diabetes in the future


will i need to take medication to control

Will I need to take medication to control my Gestational Diabetes?

  • Proper exercise and Diet plan will help a lot controlling this condition. Gestational diabetes diet chart must be maintained to make sure that all your dietary requirements are taken care of. But not all woman can control Diabetes through exercise and diet alone making medication necessary. Oral Medication or Insulin prescribed to control the blood sugars.


medication to control my gestational diabetes

medication to control my Gestational Diabetes

  • Insulin is the effective treatment that requires a careful attention to maintain the correct dosage. Blood levels are to be checked at least four times a day to make sure that the sugar levels are in a normal range.
  • Even though the blood sugar levels are in the range of normal, it is advised to regularly check them, as sugar levels may suddenly change during pregnancy. But even if you are on the medication, insulin or oral you will have to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regimen.
  • Gestational Diabetes has become a sort of common problem these days to a point that ‘Gestational Diabetes treatment in India’ has become the most searched keyword in the medical field. Patients must make sure that they consult an expert Doctor to treat their Gestational Diabetes.

If you are looking for one, Dr. Neelima Mantri with her years of experience in Gestational Diabetes Treatment, can help you.


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