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Alternative Medicine center City Arizona PowerPoint Presentation
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Alternative Medicine center City Arizona

Alternative Medicine center City Arizona

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Alternative Medicine center City Arizona

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  1. Alternative Medicine center City Arizona Rather than treating only the symptoms of any illness, the main focus of functional medicine is to identify the main cause of the disease, using an approach that focuses on body working systems and their main functions. Professionals work with an objective to engage the patient in a partnership offering overall health and well-being. Why is functional medicine needed? There are many reasons why functional medicine practitioner has become popular these days. Below are some important reasons why a large number of people prefer to rely on functional medicine. Current medical practice focuses on acute care (or medical care), diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or trauma, and conditions requiring urgent attention, such as broken bones or appendicitis. Medicine does not focus on the well-being of a human body, but on healing a patient already. There is a drastic increase in the number of diagnoses of chronic diseases among those in our society. These diseases include heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, cancer and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Medical methods do not allow the ability to treat or prevent complex chronic diseases. This is usually because it does not take into account the unique composition of the individual or external factors that may play a role, especially in the environment, which exposes us to all toxins. Life style also plays a leading role in general health and can have a direct influence on the growth of chronic diseases in our Western culture

  2. Unfortunately, most modern doctors are not trained to look for the underlying causes of this disease. They are not taught to seek treatment strategies such as diet, nutrition and physical exercise that could improve disease in their patients. Differentiation of functional medicine The origins, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases are always main concern for a functional medical practitioner. Principles of functional medicine Lake Havasu City that differentiate them from traditional approaches include the following: The entire patient is the focal point. This practice promotes positive vitality beyond the absence of disease and promotes good overall health. By truly listening to patient histories and environments, the practitioner of functional medicine is able to guide the patient to self- discovery and then adapt the treatment to his or her individual needs. It is unique in itself. Physicians look for the causes of the disease by assessing the network of interactions in patient history, lifestyle and physiology of the patient. Alone, the genetic make- up of a person can cause a disease, so it is of primary interest for a functional medicine practitioner. Practice brings together both alternative medicine practices and traditional Western medical practices. They focus mainly on prevention through diet, nutrition and physical exercise. They use the latest and best laboratory results and other diagnostic studies to help get to the root cause of the problem and treat each individual. Who doesn’t want a healthy and disease free body? But when we talk about health we only concentrate on getting rid of the disease at a superficial level. This is not enough if you want to

  3. live long and have a strong body. It is important to have a body which has a strong immunity. Only a body with a strong immune system can successfully ward off diseases. Need for a holistic approach: Normally when we are struck with a disease we approach a doctor. Most of the doctors will try to suppress the symptoms of the disease. Beware of the fact that suppressing the symptoms is not the cure of the disease and it will strike back when the surroundings are conducive. It is therefore important to opt for a functional medicine practitioner. It is important to meet a doctor or a team of therapists who will work on the root cause of the ailment. They will strike at the root cause and will make sure that the person becomes well and remains healthy in the true sense. This is the line of action of a functional medicine practitioner: These doctors are like detectives. They try to find out the exact cause behind the ailment. Sometimes a disease is not due to external factors, but it could be because of certain mental problems or due to wrong lifestyle which includes your eating habits as well as an exercise regime. These doctors analyze all the pros and cons and then work on the patient. The main aim of a functional medicine doctor is to get to the grass root level. In addition to examining the patient, they will also make use of tools like various tests like saliva test, blood test, hormone test etc. They will ask extensive questions to the patients in order to understand every detail about the patient which could have led to the disease. From all this information they will conclude about the causes of the diseases and will treat the patient. Their line of treatment will include different techniques. They will detoxify the body in order to remove the toxins. They will advice you on the type of food that you must eat and will work thoroughly on your diet. They will advice you on stress management and will also tell you about

  4. the lifestyle changes that you need to make in order to have a healthy body. Doctors of functional medicine Lake Havasu City follow alternative medicine treatments which include aroma therapy, herbal medicines, nutritional therapy etc. If you too want to make sure that the root cause of the disease gets removed and you have an absolutely healthy body then it is not enough to just suppress the symptoms. It is important that the disease is removed completely and you have a healthy body and soul. For this purpose you must approach a holistic medical practitioner who will adopt different types of therapies and will make sure that you have a healthy and disease free body.