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Dricki is the midpoint of excellence which would like to introduce itself as a concurrent thinker that helps to solve all the tailings associated with SEO, link building, pay per click, search engine reputation management, social media optimization, blog marketing, affiliate marketing and content syndication. It is one stop zone for complete internet marketing solutions. Dricki is the merging point of intelligence, innovation and imagination.

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best seo company dricki

About Dricki

Dricki is the midpoint of excellence which would like to introduce itself as a concurrent thinker that helps to solve all the tailings associated with SEO, link building, pay per click, search engine reputation management, social media optimization, blog marketing, affiliate marketing and content syndication. It is one stop zone for complete internet marketing solutions. Dricki is the merging point of intelligence, innovation and imagination.

We are an established & well known SEO Company based in India that provides a full-range of online marketing services. We have constantly acquired unique results for our clients across distinctive industry parameters. Dricki have initiated and subdue all of it. Dricki possesses imprecise ideas in a young mind which, if nurtured along with the proper elements, has the ability to add a new dimension to the future of the IT industry.

our objective to come across with phenominal


At SEO specialists India we don’t rely on similar strategies for all the clients. So, we customize each of our campaigns to suit our client’s specific needs there by giving their campaign the very best to succeed.

We work closely with our clients to make sure that we have a crystal clear, explicit view of business goals before we start work on any project. We accord with the issues head-on inspecting the most appropriate techniques and strategies to position our client ahead in this business game.

Baked by our team of SEO specialists and subject matter experts, our clients enjoy energizing boost in online traffic on their websites, improved online visibility, and ultimately higher sales and revenue.

search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization


The techniques used by the search engine optimizer’s and web experts for search engine optimization cannot be specific for always. They are always developing though there are various changes. This is a necessity due to the evolving consideration and guidelines used by the top search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO! and MSN. As we talk about GOOGLE which is not the most knowing and advanced search engine. There are two elementary types search engine optimization first is onpage optimization and second is offpage optimization. This whole process is all about trying to get ranked on a search engine.

Search engine optimization is a tough task to perform and it all because of the cut-throat competition in the market. It takes skills and preservance to perform this task. Though an individual can perform this task but not with that efficiency which is required to get ranking on a search engine. We can opt for the SEO agencies and SEO experts to perform this task. By paying a particular sum of amount they can provide you this type of facility.

let us have a spotlight on the reasons

Let Us Have A Spotlight On The Reasons To Pay For SEO

SEO requires proper attention and dedication

SEO is a complex task to perm though it takes huge amount of time and dedication to complete SEO campaign successfully. An individual may not find the required time to devote for SEO activities and SEO project thus it may result in failure. It is overwhelming to dedicate your own time and you can easily get sidetracked. For the better results it is always suggested to opt for SEO agencies which have a team of SEO experts who can effortlessly perform this task with higher efficiency.

SEO is going to work a long way ahead

 Though search engines appear to be developing so we can say that Search engine optimization will not likely to cease in near future. Also the SEO tools are ever changing and the search engine experts use to execute reports and other processes keyword research, keyword competition reports, keyword density reports and traffic reports

seo is a tougher task

SEO is a tougher task–

Search engine optimization is complex task to perform. It is not about starting a website and adding hundreds of links in it. We can easily realize this fact that time of SEO is gone. Now with the more competitive world outside SEO is more about strategy, tools methods and architecture.

SEO is a cost effective process

if we compare the costs associated in SEO and other online advertising avenues such as PPC advertising, purchasing leads from email marketing program and social media marketing, search engine optimization provides you better return of investment (ROI). You can negotiate the SEO rates provided by the variousSEO agencies until it fits your budget and needs

SEO can excel your website

 it is not difficult to understand that if your website is having higher rank up to first page or if it is under top 10 results you will absolutely get the reward for this by getting a lot of traffic on your website. Search engine optimization can excel your website through the ranks and get your website in the top searches it is important to target 3 major search engines GOOGLE, YAHOO! And MSN.

onpage optimization

Onpage Optimization

In the present cut-throat emulous age, getting on top in the SEO market is not everyone’s cup of tea. Search engines are getting faster and smarter day by day and a good content is not just enough to promote a website. Among all the prospects come along with a website promotion, on page optimization monopolize the most important position. On page optimization is one of the fundamental steps every professional should adopt in order to succeed in the rank achievement war in the search engine. In on page optimization, SEO process should be performed in every part of a website. Some of the major things to be done in on page optimization are:

how seo services can promote your business website

How SEO Services Can Promote Your Business/Website:

  • 1.The first thing which needs to be clear is the type of website which requires on page optimization and who are the target audience. On page optimization should be started on these considerations.

While purchasing a new domain and choosing a domain name, customer should be very sensible and attentive. If the website is existing from few months then there is no need to go for a new domain, because the search engines consider the existence of the website when giving it a rank.

Next task for the SEO manager is to understand the website for which on page SEO optimization will be done. So that the people you are targeting easily fascinate towards the website and keep their scrutiny on it.

Before starting the on page SEO process, the implicated website should be weighted in terms of its navigation structure, W3 capability and its user friendliness.

On page optimization also includes observing the main competitors. It is a crucial step which should be followed before starting the on page SEO process. Through this process, it will come to the limelight that what is going right or wrong.

  • It is also important to keep an eye on keywords too as it is the most important outlook of onpage SEO optimization process, because keywords are the primitively element to personalize a website. More appropriate and focused will be the keywords; more prominent will be the onpage optimization.
offpage optimization

Offpage Optimization

Once you are completed and all done with your on page search engine optimization for your business website. The very next task is now waiting for you to opt it and apply it as soon as possible on your whole search engine optimization campaign. Now you should pay attention on the offpage optimization part. Offpage SEO part includes optimization of all the parts of your business website that are specifically considered by the search engines. It really helps in gaining higher ranking preference for a website.

The elementary factor of offpage SEO is link building,. This portion of offpage SEO is allegedly the complementary of the onpage SEO. Most of the search engine optimizers believe that offpage optimization can be said as offset optimization. In this sub divisional component of SEO campaign all the SEO activities are done beyond the websites. The most essential thing which is correlated is obtaining as much possible getting quality backlinks for your business website. These activities of getting links can be done in numerous ways.

offpage optimization services we offer

Offpage Optimization Services We Offer:



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