how to get rid of painful experience of piles hks colorectal pte ltd n.
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How to Get Rid of Piles Painful Experience- HKS Colorectal PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Get Rid of Piles Painful Experience- HKS Colorectal

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How to Get Rid of Piles Painful Experience- HKS Colorectal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr Ho Kok Sun is an experienced colorectal surgeon at Ho Kok Sun Colorectal Centre in Singapore. Here, he shares a document that delineates the process to get rid of the pains of the piles. Come to know more about piles at

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how to get rid of painful experience of piles hks colorectal pte ltd

How to Get Rid of Painful Experience of Piles- HKS Colorectal Pte Ltd


Piles treatment has certainly evolved over the period of time. Take a look over here on some of the most effective treatment done for piles as per its extremity level.

how does piles cripple you
How Does Piles Cripple You
  • HKS Colorectal Pte Ltd., a well-known clinic provides diagnostic and treatment services for such as endoscopy for screening of cancer and polyps along with full range of colon and rectum surgery for people suffering from various diseases related to rectal area.
  • When external or internal blood vessel in the anus starts to swell, a person is said to suffer from piles. As a result blood starts to clot in that part of the body and the pain is incorrigibly horrific for the individual suffering the pain.
  • The wall of the blood vessels in the anus gets stretched and is thinned out and tends to break easily.


Once this happens, bleeding occurs. Repetitive straining also causes the supporting ligaments in the blood vessel to become overstretched and loses its elasticity.

  • The blood vessel loses its elastic support and descends further down the anal canal and protrudes outside of the anus.

various steps of piles
Various Steps of Piles

Piles (hemorrhoids) cases are usually considered four stages as per its severity.

1) First degree is within the anal canal and there is no visible lump on the outside.

2) Second degree occurs when it’s become bigger and bulge out during bowel movement. However, the bulge disappears once straining stops.

3) Third degree hemorrhoids bulge out during bowel movement, but it stays out for a longer time before gradually going back into the anus or the patient may push it back in after bowel movement.


4) Fourth degree, this is the most advanced stage. The piles are out of the anus all the time and cannot be pushed back in.

symptoms at a glance
Symptoms at a Glance
  • Piles are mainly believed to be caused by the upright posture of humans which raises the pressure in the veins and can predispose humans to hemorrhoids.
  • Other postulated factors include chronic constipation, aging, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The causes of piles can lead to the following symptoms:
  • Bleeding during bowel movements
  • Lump at the anus coming out during bowel movements


Persistent lumps at the anus

  • Itching in the anal area
  • Pain

methods to get cured
Methods to Get Cured
  • However with evolution in medical field, there is proper treatment of piles now as well.
  • Generally piles without any symptoms don't require any treatment.
  • Depending on the severity of the case, piles treatment is recommended.
  • For instance, in the first or second degree cases, symptoms can be relieved by reducing straining during bowel movement.


This could mean taking more fluids or laxatives. Oral medication or suppositories may be given by the doctor to relieve the symptoms.


However if that doesn’t work, then further treatment is done:

  • Ligation- the rubber band treatment
  • Sclerotherapy –an injection is given to the area around the piles. This method is relatively painless and causes the piles to shrink.
  • Ultrasound guided hemorrhoid artery ligation– uses an ultrasound probe to locate the arteries. A stitch is then used to tie off the artery. By interrupting the blood supply, the hemorrhoid shrivels up.


For extreme level of cases (3rd and 4th stage) Hemorrhoidectomy is the best method for the permanent removal. It is usually used for 3rd or 4th degree piles or 2nd degree that has failed other treatments such as ligation.

to end
To End

Many professional surgeons are now able to treat piles at early stages and cure the patient by reliving them of the pain. Piles when treated at the early stage, can prevent it from quickly accelerating into extreme levels.

To Know more about piles do follow

about doctor clinic
About Doctor & Clinic

Dr HoKoK Sun

Colorectal Surgeon, MBBS (singapore),

FRCS (Edinburgh), MMED (Surgery),

FAMS (Surgery)

Clinic Address: HoKok Sun Colorectal,

3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-09 Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510


Tel: +65 6737 2778

Fax: +65 6737 2389