Dr. Gregory Brammer
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Dr. Gregory Brammer is currently serving as Physician Medical Legal Consultant for BrammerMD, which is a medical and legal consulting company that was established in 2015. He created the company after spending more than a decade in the medico-legal field, including more than five years of successful I-STAT implementation at several fire departments. He also serves as a Keynote Speaker and I-STAT Expert for the company.

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Dr. Gregory Brammer


Dr. Gregory Brammer is a Physician Medical Legal Consultant, Keynote Speaker and I-STAT Expert at BrammerMD, which is a medical and legal consulting company that was founded in August 2015. The company is the continuation of Dr. Brammer’s medico-legal work that has spanned more than ten years, which includes more than five years of successful implementation of I-STAT in a number of fire departments.

Dr. Gregory Brammer

University of Arizona

Upon receiving his certification as a Medical Doctor, Dr. Gregory Brammer was selected to be a part of the University of Arizona’s Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program. This program is considered one of the foremost in the United States and offered Dr. Brammer invaluable experience for his later career. He was honored for his work in Toxicology while working in the program.

Dr. Gregory Brammer


In addition to being a well-tenured physician with more than nineteen years of experience, Dr. Gregory Brammer is also an experienced keynote speaker and lecturer. He has spoken internationally on the subjects of EMS medicine and a range of other topics related to health and wellness. In doing so, he has developed into a confident and experienced public speaker who is able to get his points across with authority.

Dr. Gregory Brammer

Washington Native

Dr. Gregory Brammer is a Washington native who has spent the majority of his life in the state. He is hometown educated from his time in kindergarten through to when he earned his Medical Doctorate at the University of Washington. He is concerned about the wellbeing of the local community and he has dedicated thousands of hours of volunteer work to give back.


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