Wonder water depth sensor
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Wonder Water Depth Sensor. the ANLC geekbots team 670 . Problem identification. People driving into washes Cars get stuck, and people drown. Innovative solution created by analyzing problem. Sources of information (please refer to research report page 2).

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Wonder water depth sensor

Wonder Water Depth Sensor

the ANLC geekbots team 670

Problem identification
Problem identification

  • People driving into washes

  • Cars get stuck, and people drown.

  • Innovative solution created by analyzing problem

Sources of information please refer to research report page 2
Sources of information (please refer to research report page 2)

  • Collaborated with three experts

    • Dr. Rez, theoretical physicist on the pulse ultrasonic sensor.

    • Dr. Mushtag, Department of Transportation on pressure transducers in washes

  • One expert collaborate via email:

    • Mr. Kaminski, engineer on the theory of our product as a practical solution.

  • Websites and videos via Discovery Education

Problem analysis
Problem analysis

  • Collaboration with three experts in the field of water depth.

  • Research on news articles of people who got stuck driving through floods

  • Only preventative measures found was “stupid motorist law” and D.O.T. response team

  • Data was not conclusive on the number of deaths directly related to cars getting trapped in water while driving over road.

Review existing solutions
Review existing solutions

  • No existing solution for determining depth of water in road and potential driving hazard warning system was found.

  • Other systems which use similar technology found in our depth sensor were:

    • Back up camera (for when in reverse)

    • A thermal camera that sees animals at night

    • A GPS unit.

  • Our team synthesized technology used for different applications to make the Wonder Water Sensor which include the GPS and pulse ultrasound sensor.

Team solution a two part system
Team solution: A two part system

  • GPS indicator of flood zones using department of transportation data

  • Pulse ultra sonic senor detecting the depth of the water

  • Connected to the car computer system


  • In 2006, the National Weather Service reported 59 deaths in the United States due to flash floods, the third highest in weather-related deaths, surpassed only by heat and tornadoes.

  • Fifty percent of flash flood fatalities occur when drivers try to cross flooded washes.

  • We have an early warning system for cars

  • It will save lives!


  • Retail cost would be approximately $250

    • GPS=$85

    • Long range sensor=$150


  • Parents at PTO

  • Phoenix Department of Transportation

  • ASU Department of Theoretical Physics

  • Internet Web page (www.realityeducation.com/geekbots)

  • Scottsdale Community College robotics team

  • Ford Factory Employee, Michigan


  • Used Infomercial as product delivery

  • We thought as there was no existing solution, we would create one,

  • Thus the Wonder Water depth sensor was born!

Presentation effectiveness
Presentation effectiveness

Umbrella hats to connect with flooding

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