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Patricia Shepherd Rebekah Woody Jake Woodward

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Patricia Shepherd Rebekah Woody Jake Woodward. Dirt Bike Co. Group Presentation. Background Information. Name: Broken Chain Bikes Co.

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patricia shepherd rebekah woody jake woodward

Patricia Shepherd

Rebekah Woody

Jake Woodward

Dirt Bike Co. Group Presentation

background information
Background Information

Name: Broken Chain Bikes Co.

Start-Up: We choose to start our own company manufacturing dirt bikes and parts after our racing team experienced repeated part failure that cost us a victory. After searching the industry for a dirt bike that met our standards we came up empty handed and decided it was time to raise the standards in the dirt bike industry. Because of our experience with subpar parts and service we have a focus on providing high quality parts from the chain to the finished product.

what we do
What We Do


1.Technical: We build dirt bikes and parts

from the ground up

2.Sales and Marketing: Our goal is to provide

the highest quality dirt bikes and parts in the


3. Administrative: We strive to be the driving

force behind innovation and efficiency in our

organization and in the industry as a whole

team member roles
Team Member Roles

CEO: Jake Woodward

CFO: Rebekah Woody

CTO: Patricia Shepherd

storefront products
Storefront Products

2 Outlet Stores

-Atlanta, Georgia

-Las Vegas, Nevada


1:3D Bike: Three wheeler dirt bike tailored

towards casual riding

2.Mud and Buzz: Two wheeler bike geared towards

everyday street/trail riding

3. Dirt Guzzler: Two wheeler bike geared toward high

performance and fast paced racing

storefront parts and services
Storefront Parts and Services

In addition to selling bikes we will sell bike parts and offer the following services;

-"Dirt Bike Repairs" Class

-Maintenance and Repairs Services

online products services
Online Products/Services

1.Repair and Maintenance Instructional Videos

2.Repair parts and schematics

3. Links to authorized dealer websites

storefront customers
Storefront Customers

- The dirt bike enthusiast who wants to

incorporate biking into every aspect of their

lives from racing to day to day activities.

- Customers who are new to dirt biking will be

able to come into our store and get the

assistance that they need to get into the


online customers
Online Customers

- Customers who are not located closely to our

store can still order a wide range of our

products through the internet.

- People that are interested in getting started in

Dirt Biking can look into some of our

instructional videos.

-People looking for high quality replacement


storefront marketing
Storefront Marketing

We plan to use 3 strategies for our storefront marketing;

-Race Sponsorship: We sponsor some of the most exciting

races in the country getting our name out to thousands

of contestants and race enthusiasts.

-Print advertising: We advertise in 3 major sporting

magazines detailing the benefits of our products and


-Radio Advertising: We partner with a car repair talk show

to offer repair and maintenance advice and encourage

dirt bike owners to come see us for all their repair needs.

online marketing
Online Marketing

We plan to use 3 strategies for our online marketing;

-Video Ads: Ex. Commercials on YouTube

-Search Engine Ads: Our name comes up

when people search for topics related to Dirt


-Display Ads: The annoying internet pop-ups

that get our company name in people's heads.

erp system
ERP System

Name: Infor Automotive ERP

Vendor: Infor Global Solutions

Why We chose ERP instead of CRM

We chose ERP because our main business process is manufacturing and distributing to retail companies; therefore, we feel the best way to serve our customers is through excellent supply chain management and efficiency. It is vitally important for us to be focused on the flow of parts and products between suppliers, retailers and with our own internal departments.

details of the system
Details of the System

What The Automotive System Offers:

(1) service management

(2) lean manufacturing

(3) quality management

(4) financials

(5) manufacturing

(6) process manufacturing

(7) wholesale and distribution

details of the system1
Details of the System

Features: Advanced Planning and scheduling system, materials and information management, mixed mode manufacturing and customer management systems.

Users: Salesmen, order-entry clerks, customer services representatives and management will all use the ERP system.

plan for use of system
Plan for Use of System

-We are going to use the system to reduce costs by increasing our supply chain management flexibility

-We are going to use the increased data analysis to determine the most efficient use of funds for developing quality products

-We are going to use this system to increase strategic communication between us and our distributors

supporting details
Supporting Details

Infor Global Solutions ERP software is use by many large well known companies such as Heinz and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Their software is available in many formats including cloud computing options. Their support options are many and varied and the business community speaks highly of their support and customer service. Infor's products address specific needs while maintaining flexibility of service. Other customers who have used Infor's ERP systems rank them as exceeding expectations. Their commitment to support and their specialization in products for the manufacturing/automotive industry made Infor Automotive the clear choice for our business.


* Infor was designed with costs in mind making it a cheaper alternative to other ERP systems.

* Offers automation for different manufacturing factors (i.e. execution, advanced planning and scheduling, quality control)

* Integrates easily with Microsoft

* Comes with complete graphics and point to click

* Provides projected based soultions


*Infor Global has experienced difficulty with licensing fees. Such hidden fees add to the large cost of the system.

*While InFor's ERP is fairly comprehensive adding components as stand alone resources can cause system conflict.

*The Demand Management Portion of InFor's ERP systems sometimes lack timely support.


-The cost of Infor's ERP software costs companies anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000. This is on the lower side of the price range or ERP software systems, some softwares run up to $250,000.

-Infor offers their software to sell, lease, and lease to sell.

-For licensed software for 5-500 users the cost is generally closer to $50,000

our resource model
Our Resource Model

Sales Revenue Model:

We will be using this model to sell our repair parts and schematics online for our customers convenience and to increase our company's efficiency.

Subscription Revenue Model:

We will be using the model to encourage our online customers to subscribe to our monthly release of maintenance and repair updates.

web 2 0 technology
Web 2.0 Technology

1.)SaasPose --

2.)topstr --

3.)Chill --

4.)Atendy --



This web 2.0 technology enables the creation, sharing and translation of documents in the cloud. We will use this service to generate online invoices, shipping and receiving documents and to receive feedback from our customers.



This web 2.0 technology allows online customers to interact in a community setting where they can choose their favorite products and recommend them to other customers.

We plan to use this technology to enhance our understanding of our customer base and what they want; thereby providing a higher level of service and quality to our customers.


-Chill is a video sharing website that integrates social networking. It is similar to YouTube but with a slightly different focus.

-Our company will use Chill to help generate fan interest and loyalty for our dirt bikes. If we upload videos that people will want to watch will be reaching our customers without paying for advertising.


-Atendy is a technology that helps users organize, manage, and promote events. Attendees of the event are engaged before, during,and after with this technology and it provides tracking features and helps keep costs low

-We plan on using this technology to keep dirt bike enthusiasts engaged and excited for upcoming races being sponsored by our company. We also plan on using this site as a place to bring dirt bikers together.

-Visitors to our page on Atendy will be able to purchase their tickets and get information on the event



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