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  2. Phonebanking & canvassing for local campaigns Trainer: Nicole Derse, 50+1 Strategies Facilitated By: Hope Wood, NOI

  3. Introductions NOI On Demand Me & You Norms



  6. Nicole Derse Principal 50+1 Strategies

  7. What is direct voter contact? Why direct voter contact for local campaigns? • Building your voter contact program • Setting program goals & metrics • Creating a voter contact schedule • Creating Scripts (we may not need to cover this) • Organizing great voter contact events • Q & A • Evaluation & Wrap-up

  8. What & why direct voter contact?

  9. Why Direct Voter Contact? • Identify supporters • Close the gap • Build organization • Shape the conversation

  10. Why Direct Voter Contact? • Best way to engage voters. • Canvassing - most effective • Phone banking - larger numbers in shorter time • Useful for a variety of campaign purposes

  11. 1. SetTING Program Goals & metrics

  12. PROGRAM Goals, LISTS & Metrics Watch Tomorrow’s Webinar for a deep dive into creating targeted lists, tracking metrics, and using scripts and codes.

  13. 2. Creating a voter contact schedule

  14. When should we contact voters?

  15. Sample voter contact schedule

  16. Questions?

  17. 3. Developing scripts

  18. SCRIPT TEXT Why are you contacting them? Develop unique scripts for each universe VOL VR P GOTV

  19. SCRIPT TEXT 4Cs Connection Context Commitment Catapult

  20. SCRIPT TEXT • CONNECTION Hi, is this (voter)? I’m (your name) and I’m volunteering with (your campaign) in (name of your town). How are you today? (OPTIONAL: I’m (your name) and we’re out in the community talking about the election on Tues., Nov. 6.)

  21. SCRIPT TEXT 2. CONTEXT What do you care most about in this election? (Listen!) Why is that most important to you? (Engage!)

  22. SCRIPT TEXT: Candidate, PAC or c4 3. COMMITMENT Who do you plan to vote for in the election on Tuesday, Nov. 6? (Support score: 1-5) Have you decided if you will vote in this election? (yes/no/maybe)

  23. SCRIPT TEXT: c3 3. COMMITMENT How do you plan to vote on Proposition ____________ in the election on Tuesday, November 6? (Support score: 1-5) Have you decided if you will vote in this election? (yes/no/maybe)

  24. SCRIPT TEXT 3. COMMITMENT I’m calling because I also care about (their issue) and I think we have a chance to change things.(Provide 2-3 brief campaign talking points on particular issues.)

  25. SCRIPT TEXT 4. CATAPULT • That’s great! We expect a lot of people to vote this year—thank you for joining us! • Have you decided if you’ll vote early, vote by mail or vote on Election Day? • Your polling location is at ________. Do you have a plan to get there? Do you need a ride? • We’re having a great time talking with voters. Would you like to join us to volunteer in your neighborhood? (ACTIVATE)



  28. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK Team Coordinator Phone Bank Coordinator Canvass Coordinator Data Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator

  29. WHERE? Supporter’s Home Union hall Lawyer’s or Dr’soffice Funeral home Coffee shop

  30. WHAT To LOOK FOR Phone lines Cell coverage Donated cell phones Computers (ideal) Chairs & tables Easy access Parking Easy access Parking Shade/shelter Bathrooms

  31. POST YOUR EVENT Day Time Address What to bring

  32. RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS Check out last week’s webinar for more on Vounteer Recruitment & Training

  33. PREPARE MATERIALS: Phone bank 1. Volunteer Sign-in Sheet 2. Phone Bank Packets -Script -Call lists -Tally sheet -Talking points -Pens 3. Phones & chargers 4. Water & snacks

  34. PREPARE MATERIALS: Canvass 1. Volunteer Sign-in Sheet 2. Canvass Packets -Script -Voter lists -Literature -Pledge cards -Tally sheet -Talking points -Pens -Rain Sheets -Clipboards 3. Phones & chargers 4. Water & snacks

  35. A Note on Lists & TURF -Walkable turf

  36. A Note on Lists & TURF -Legible lists. -Useful codes



  39. SAMPLE AGENDA • Welcome & Build community • Share campaign strategy and goals • Hot News, Hot Nights • Train for Action • Role-Play! • Take ACTION (get on phones or hit the streets!) • Tally up • Debrief & Celebrate • What worked tonight? What didn’t? • Recruit to next action • Enter Data

  40. Phones+Doors - 6 Quick TIps • KISS • But be yourself—don’t rush, and have conversations, not mini-lectures. • Tally throughout the action.

  41. Phones+Doors 6 Quick Tips 4. Persuade, then ask for the vote 5. Same Day data entry 6. Empower volunteers to give feedback, and use it!

  42. Evaluate & Adapt As you go • Are you on track to reach the benchmarks that you set? • If not, can you identify the reason? • Is one staffer or volunteer coming up short? Can you coach them? • Is one region producing different results? Can you adjust your methods in that area, or shift resources elsewhere? • Is one metric affecting others? What can you do to correct the imbalance? • How do you adjust your tactics and benchmarks, without losing track of the goal?

  43. Questions?

  44. Evaluation

  45. What’s next: NEXT WEEK Voter Contact for Local Campaigns Week – October 1-5 Great Phone Banking and Door to Door Programs – Monday - Find out how to organize motivational and strategic phonebanks and canvasses for your local campaign. Managing Your Data – Tuesday - In this session, we'll focus on strategies for building a good voter contact list for canvassing or phonebanking, creating scripts and tracking codes to maintain your data, and how to choose and track metrics to monitor the progress of your voter contact program. Setting up and supporting volunteer teams – Wednesday - Join us as we uncover the secrets and best practices of building and sustaining volunteer teams for your local campaign. Online to Offline: Volunteer Recruitment and Support – Thursday The Last 30 Days: Maximizing Your Communications Budget - Friday - Get some inside tips on maximizing your end-of-campaign communications as we strategize how to most effectively utilize your resources during these last 30 days of your local campaign.

  46. Interdependent Leadership (aka the Snowflake Model) How can I support NOI On Demand? Interdependent Leadership