office and enkai etiquette n.
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Office and Enkai Etiquette PowerPoint Presentation
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Office and Enkai Etiquette

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Office and Enkai Etiquette - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Office and Enkai Etiquette. あいさつ: Say it loud, say it proud!. ohayou gozaimasu = "Good morning!" In the morning when you walk into the office . (おはようございます) konnichi wa = "Good afternoon!" When you meet teachers and parents in the hallways ( こんにちは ).

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Office and Enkai Etiquette

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say it loud say it proud
あいさつ: Say it loud, say it proud!
  • ohayou gozaimasu = "Good morning!"
    • In the morning when you walk into the office.(おはようございます)
  • konnichi wa = "Good afternoon!"
    • When you meet teachers and parents in the hallways (こんにちは)
  • O-tsukaresama desu = "You must be tired"
    • to teachers you meet in the halls(おつかれさまです)
  • O-saki ni shitsurei shimasu = "excuse me for leaving before you"(lit. I'm rudely going first)
    • When you leave for the day(お先に失礼します)
other keigo to know
Other 敬語(Keigo) to know
  • "Sumimasen" = excuse me; sorry
  • "Gomen nasai" = I'm very sorry
    • "moshiwake-gozaimasen" = formal "I'm sorry"
  • "Itadakimasu" = thanks for the meal (lit. receiving)
  • "Gochisousama deshita" = said after a meal
  • "~wo tabete mo ii desu ka?" = May I eat ~?
    • "~ wo shite mo yoroshii desu ka?" = may I (do) ~? [formal]
  • "~onegai shimasu" = ~ please
general guidelines
General Guidelines

1. Don't be late!

2. Inkan

3. Limit cell phone use; silent-mode

4. Nenkyu

5. Be mindful of indoor-outdoor shoes

6. Look busy!

7. Omiyage

8. Corporal punishment

9. Use social media websites with caution


    • slacks
    • collared, button-up long-sleeved shirts
    • ties
    • suits
    • one pair of dress shoes for out-of-school events and meetings


  • Dresses/skirtss at the knee
  • slacks, capris
  • blouses:
    • cover your shoulders
    • hide clevage
  • skirt or pant suits
  • one pair of close-toed suit heels for interschool events
  • Jewelry and make-up
t g i cool biz
T.G.I. Cool Biz

Attire: short-sleeved button-up collared shirts, short-sleeved polos, short-sleeved blouse

Suits out for summer!

  • What: Large, after-school parties
  • When: School starts, school ends, new year's, Christmas, after big events

Who: Everyone

Cost: $-$$$?

pros and cons

Get to know your teachers!

Let loose

Socialize in the Inaka

try new foods




"I don't drink"


Pros and Cons
situation 1
Situation #1
  • You have three schools, and all three of them have invited you to an end-of-the-year Enkai...ON THE SAME DAY, AT THE SAME TIME.

What do you do?!

It's okay to say "No!"

situation 2
Situation #2

You're sitting at an Enkai, talking to the school librarian, when the (slightly inhebriated) vice principal comes up to you guys. You pour him a glass of beer, and he insists on pouring you one. You DON'T drink.

What do you do?

It's OK to say "No!"

rules for enkai
Rules for Enkai!
  • Check the dress code (dress up rather than down)
  • Arrive on time
  • Don't drink before "Kanpai!"
  • Offer refills!!! ("Irimasu-ka?")
  • Don't serve yourself
  • Use the back-end of chopsticks to serve
  • Mingle!
  • DON'T cancel your seat unless emergency
"unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature"
intent or accident
Intent or Accident?
  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Cultural differences
    • complimenting
    • physical interaction (hugging, kissing)
  • Language differences (English vs Japanese, i.e. "Pants")
  • It's up to you to decide!
why are we talking about this
Why are we talking about this?
  • People act differently: Office vs. enkai
  • For women: Japan is still mostly a male-oriented society
  • You have the right to feel safe in your work environment.
what to do
What to do

Talk about it!

  • The "perpetrator"
  • Your BoE Supervisors
  • Your Vice Principal
  • Your JTEs
  • Other ALTs
  • IMPORTANT: DON'T POST ABOUT IT on FB, blogs, public/social media sites!!!
shitsu mon wa
質もんは?(Shitsu-mon wa?)

Amakusa Hondo ALT