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Laser dentistry Honolulu

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Laser dentistry Honolulu - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are Providing Laser Dentistry Honolulu Hawaii by our General Dentist at Eugene M Azuma, DDS to make your dental treatment more comfortable. To know more about us visit:

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Welcome To

Eugene M Azuma, DDS

Cosmetic and General Dentistry

Creating Beautiful Smiles


Laser Dentistry


A laser is a way that produces a very narrow,

intense beam of light energy. When laser

light come in touch with tissue, it causes a

reaction. The light makes by the laser that

can remove or shape tissue.


Types of Laser Dentistry

The Food and Drug Administration has approved of

the variety of soft and hard tissue lasers for use in the

dental treatment of adults and children.

Hard Tissue Lasers

Soft Tissue Lasers


Hard Tissue Lasers

Hard tissue lasers have a wavelength which is highly

absorb-able by hydroxyapatite and water, to making them

more effective for cutting through tooth structure. Primary

used of hard tissue lasers is to cut into the bone and teeth

with extreme precision.


Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers boast a wavelength which is highly absorbable

by water and hemoglobin to making them more effective for soft

tissue management. Normally used soft tissue lasers include

Neodymium and diode lasers, It may be used as a component of

dentistry treatment and it has the ability to kill the bacteria and

activate in re-growth of tissues.


How are Lasers used in Dentistry ?

Reduce the irritation of canker and cold sores

Expose partially broken wisdom teeth

Remove muscle attachments which limit proper movement

Manage gum tissue during feeling for crowns or in other procedures

Remove the overgrown tissues caused by certain medications

Perform in biopsy procedures

Remove unhealthy gum tissues and help in the treatment of gum


It Helps treat infections in root canals.

Speed up teeth whitening procedures.


What are the benefits of Laser Dentistry?

No drilling, Faster recovery, and Increased accuracy

Procedures performed by using soft tissue dental lasers it may not

require stitches

Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require the anesthesia

Laser dentistry decreases the bleeding because the high-energy light

beams aids in the clotting of unclothed blood vessels.

Bacterial infections are reduced because the high-energy beam

sterilizes the area being worked on

The Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated


Contact Us

Eugene M Azuma, DDS

1060 Young Street, Suite #220 Honolulu,