pharmaceutical needs assessments overview n.
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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Overview

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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments Overview. What is a PNA. A picture of community pharmacies and dispensing services in a PCT area Maps services against the needs of the population Looks at access and services provided and opportunities for further utilisation. Development of the PNA.

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Presentation Transcript
what is a pna
What is a PNA
  • A picture of community pharmacies and dispensing services in a PCT area
  • Maps services against the needs of the population
  • Looks at access and services provided and opportunities for further utilisation
development of the pna
Development of the PNA
  • The JSNA Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • The needs of different patient groups
  • The demography of the PCT area
  • The benefits from having a reasonable chlice in obtaining services
  • The different needs of each of the localities
  • The effect of pharmaceutical services provided by neighbouring PCTs
  • The effect of dispensing services
  • Likely future needs
why do pcts need one
Why do PCTs need one
  • Health Act 2009 requires each PCT to publish by Feb 2011
  • A commissioning tool
  • Used as the basis for determining market entry – subject to further regulation
  • Market entry to be consulted on due to change in govt – no date set yet.
principles of development oxfordshire
Principles of development - Oxfordshire
  • Stakeholder event Jan 2009
  • PNA steering group set up meeting 6 wkly
  • PCT using DH toolkit guidance
  • Reviewed annually with update every three years in line with JSNA
  • Supplementary statements following applications being approved
  • DH visited Oxon on 10.8.10 to review progress
pharmacy and public health
Pharmacy and Public Health
  • Oxon- PCT wants pharmacy to have a key role in public health
  • Rating interventions
  • 4* Stop smoking services
  • 3* Info and advice on healthy lifestyles
    • Secondary prevention CHD and cancer
    • Safe and effective use of meds
    • Services for substance misusers
    • Young peoples sexual health services (EHC, condoms, screening
    • Immunisation services

2* Skin cancer prevention, support for LTCs, intervention to tackle obesity in children, Mens health info and advice.

local health priorities
Local health priorities
  • PNA focuses on health profiles for the different groups and communities
  • Asks those groups what they want from a community pharmacy/dispensing service (LTC, Mental Health, Teenagers, Elderly)
what does oxon pct wish to commission
What does Oxon PCT wish to commission

Increase the focus on PCT priority groups for MURs

Expand the number of pharmacies offering stop smoking services

Continue to commissioning Emerg Horm Cception ECH

Pilot a condom distrib service for young people

Evaluate the chlamydia screening pilot

pna oxon
PNA Oxon

Consultation –statutory 60days

  • 6.9.10 – 8.11.10
  • Regulations state who must be consulted
  • Types of consultation

Patient survey

Patient and user focus groups and interviews



PCT has to publish a report on consultation

choice of practice
Choice of practice
  • April 2012 - right to register wherever you chose
  • No mention of rural patients in the consultation doc.
  • How does one determine dispensing rights
  • Home visits – needs to be sorted
  • How money follows the patient
  • Implications for commissioning and community based services
  • Closing lists and how this affects local residents not wishing to register furthur away – what are the safeguards.