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  1. GLOBALIZATIoN Sercan YILMAZ 2009503064

  2. 1.WHAT’S GLOBALIZATION? • The simplest definition of globalization,increase the mobility of money and goods around the world.

  3. Globalization isn’t a new concept.Roots appeared in 1960’s based on the conversion and rapid changes and political consequences of the economic process.

  4. Celebrity makes it the last 20 years,since the early 1980s created by the developments in speed.Three of these developments is the production, transportation and communication technology developments.

  5. 1.1 Production • Production technology evolves so the needs of the market has grown and advanced industrial countries have engaged in seeking to expand their markets worldwide. Production,directed to countries with lower wages and government support is highest in countries.

  6. 1.2. Transportation • Developments in transport technologies is most important factor for increase the mobility of goods. Transportation speed increases, while decreasing costs.

  7. 1.3. Communication • Communication technology is mentioned, the first words that comes to mind is computers and internet. The introduction and spread of the internet have accelerated the very large speed flow of information. In the simplest sense diverge the library and book concepts. The data began to hide in electronic form.


  9. 2.1. Economic Globalization • In general, the integration of national economies the world economy, namely the integration of the world refers to a single market.

  10. This process takes an important function of global companies and these companies are spread through the technology from developed countries towards developing countries.

  11. 2.2 Political Globalization • Political globalization has shaken nation states superiority in the international system and the powers of the nation state has been compelled to share them with others.

  12. Nation state has shared own powers and authority international and supranational organizations with the globalization.

  13. In this process, increased international relations and movement of the problems has increased in the international arena and international cooperation is essential for the solution of these problems.

  14. 2.3 Socio-Cultural Globalization • Socio-cultural globalization refers to the countries to reach a common understanding such as issues concerning democracy, human rights, environmental protection, drug abuse, AIDS and all of humanity, the fight against terrorism .

  15. AIDS, terrorism and organized crime exceeds the size of the countries and in this situation, all countries must be able to act collectively .


  17. 3.1. Positive Effects • The development of third world nations • The democratizing effect of communications (esp. the internet) • The benefits of globalization and financial diversification • Hastening the end of European / US economic hegemony

  18. 3.2. NegativeEffects • Sweatshops • Braindrain • IncomeInequality • Environmentaldegradation • Foodsecurity • Disease • Drugandillegal goodstrade

  19. Thanksforlistening.