cardiovascular system essentials n.
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Cardiovascular System Essentials

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Cardiovascular System Essentials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cardiovascular System Essentials. Created by S. Falwell Permission granted for teachers to use with link to Get in the groove to move (your Blood That is). The heart has 4 chambers. Atrium (top). Atrium (top).

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cardiovascular system essentials

Cardiovascular System Essentials

Created by S. Falwell

Permission granted for teachers to use with link to

get in the groove to move your blood that is
Get in the groove to move(your Blood That is)

the heart has 4 chambers
The heart has 4 chambers

Atrium (top)

Atrium (top)

Ventricle (bottom)

Ventricle (bottom)

Remember: images show what the doctor sees when looking at the patient (so the patient’s right side is on your left)

Left Atrium

Right Atrium

Left Ventricle

Right Ventricle

path of blood flow
Path of Blood Flow

1. Blood flows from body through Veins

6. Back to Heart through Pulmonary Vein

2. Into Right Atrium

7. Into Left Atrium

3. Into Right Ventricle

8. Into Left Ventricle

4. Through Pulmonary Artery

9. Out to body through Artery

5. To Lungs

10. Gas exchange (O2 and CO2) at capillaries

3 kinds of blood vessels
3 kinds of blood vessels

Memory Tricks

Arteries = flow A-Away from the heart

Veins = think of the V like an arrow shape pointing to the heart

Capillaries = gets a couple other blood vessels to join together (biggest word but smallest blood vessel)

how do the nutrients and gases get into the blood
How do the nutrients and gases get into the blood?

Osmosis is diffusion through a membrane

Diffusion is the movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration

blood carrying facts
Blood Carrying Facts
  • Hemoglobin (iron-containing protein in red blood cells) carries oxygen
  • Sickle Cell Anemia (recessive genetic disease) results in cresent-shaped red blood cells that do not carry oxygen as well
what s in blood
What’s in Blood?

Red Blood Cells


White Blood Cells