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Lesson 20. BUZZ-CUT CL:C-[thick] CURLEY-HAIR CUTE-[sugar] EYES FACE-[LOOK-LIKE, appearance, looks] FAT-[obese] FOOL. HAIR LONG-HAIR NORMAL-[of-course, natural, ordinary] PRETTY-[beautiful, handsome,] REGULAR-[ordinary] SHORT-[short-stature, short-duration, short-sleeve] SHORT-HAIR.

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Buzz cut cl c thick curley hair cute sugar eyes face look like appearance looks fat obese fool
BUZZ-CUTCL:C-[thick]CURLEY-HAIRCUTE-[sugar]EYESFACE-[LOOK-LIKE, appearance, looks]FAT-[obese]FOOL

Lesson 20

HAIRLONG-HAIRNORMAL-[of-course, natural, ordinary]PRETTY-[beautiful, handsome,]REGULAR-[ordinary]SHORT-[short-stature, short-duration, short-sleeve]SHORT-HAIR

Skinny straight hair strong well brave courageous recover tall thick thin cl g ugly weak

1 you before buzz cut have you ever had a buzz cut hair style
1. YOU BEFORE BUZZ-CUT?Have you ever had a buzz-cut hair-style?

2 your asl book cl c thick is your asl book thick
2. YOUR ASL BOOK CL:C-[thick]?Is your ASL book thick?

3 name someone curly hair name someone who has curly hair
3. NAME SOMEONE CURLY-HAIRName someone who has curly hair.

4 who you think cute who do you think is cute
4. WHO YOU THINK CUTE?Who do you think is cute?

5 your mom have blue eyes does your mom have blue eyes
5. YOUR MOM HAVE BLUE EYES?Does your mom have blue eyes?

6 you look like your dad do you look like your dad
6. YOU LOOK-LIKE YOUR DAD?Do you look like your dad?

7 your sister fat is your sister fat
7. YOUR SISTER FAT?Is your sister fat?

8 you like fool people do you like to fool people
8. YOU LIKE FOOL PEOPLE?Do you like to fool people?

9 your brother hair color what color is your brother s hair
9. YOUR BROTHER HAIR, COLOR?What color is your brother's hair?

Lesson 20
10. HAIR, LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, WHICH YOU THINK PRETTIER?Which do you think is prettier, long hair or short hair?

1 you eat a lot regular which do you eat a lot or do you eat a normal amount
1. YOU EAT A-LOT, REGULAR, WHICH?Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal amount?

2 your dad short is your dad short
2. YOUR DAD SHORT?Is your dad short?

3 your grandpa skinny is your grandpa skinny
3. YOUR GRANDPA SKINNY?Is your grandpa skinny?

4 old people weak are old people weak
4. OLD PEOPLE WEAK?Are old people weak?

5 how many girl this class straight hair how many girls in this class have straight hair
5. HOW MANY GIRL THIS CLASS STRAIGHT-HAIR?How many girls in this class have straight hair?

6 most farmer strong are most farmers strong
6. MOST FARMER STRONG?Are most farmers strong?

7 how tall you how tall are you
7. HOW TALL YOU?How tall are you?

8 your dad eyes blue does your dad have blue eyes
8. YOUR DAD EYES BLUE?Does your dad have blue eyes?

Lesson 20
9. YOU FAVORITE-(prefer) PIZZA THIN-(crust), THICK-(crust), WHICH?Which do you prefer, thick or think crust pizza?

10 you think my shoes ugly do you think my shoes are ugly
10. YOU THINK MY SHOES UGLY? WHICH?Do you think my shoes are ugly?