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Chris Stout on Getting Published

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Chris Stout on Getting Published - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Publish in the New Millennium: Journals to Best Sellers This PPT is from a workshop on demystifying the processes of getting published—from peer reviewed journals to blogs to books. Various ways to get started and what to avoid will be covered, with many examples and real-world practical tips and advice. Learning Objectives 1. Attendees will learn about the best ways to approach submitting a manuscript for scientific publication in peer reviewed journals. 2. Attendees will learn about the mechanics of book contracting—how to submit an idea; what publishers are looking for; how to evaluate (and negotiate) a contract; royalties, advances and copyright; why to NEVER first submit a manuscript to a publisher; differences in publishers; when an author needs an agent (and when one does not), along with a myriad of additional considerations and advice. 3. Attendees will learn about eBooks, Print-On-Demand, Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle, and other non-traditional approaches to publishing. 4. Attendees will learn about marketing, media kits, Amazon’s Author Pages, book signings, library talks and other promotional aspects.

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Chris Stout on Getting Published

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    Presentation Transcript
    how to publish in the new millennium from

    How to Publish in the New


    From Scientific Journals to

    Best Sellers

    Chris E. Stout

    i m glad you are here

    I’m glad you are here!

    Writing is transformative…

    who has published

    Who has published?

    Your dissertation

    A peer reviewed journal article

    Newsletter article

    Book review


    Book chapter

    Book (fiction/nonfiction)



    we ll cover

    We’ll cover:

     Scientific publishing

    Book publishing

     Contracts

     Blogging

     Marketing


     Tutors

     And more…

    mechanics of submitting make sure it s the right

    • Mechanics of submitting

    – Make sure it’s the right journal

    – Only one at a time

    – Blind, impartial review

    – Can take time

    – Await:

    • Acceptance or

    • Tentative acceptance with revisions or

    • Rejection

    reviewing nice way to start journals

    • Reviewing (nice way to start)

    – Journals

    – PsychCRITIQUES

    – How to get to review?

    • Scientific Articles – Publish or Perish

    – Highly ranked, peer reviewed

    journals are the (academic)

    gold standard, and are the trail

    to tenure…

    scientific articles dr kremer grant funded popular

    • Scientific Articles

    – Dr. Kremer

    – Grant funded  Popular

    • Presentations  Publications

    – Published abstract in proceedings

    – APS presentation  chapter

    – APA Symposium  chapter

    – Non-psych conference

    to test ideas  book…

    professional magazines modern healthcare division

    • Professional Magazines

    – Modern Healthcare

    – Division 42, other Divisions

    – National Psychologist

    – Illinois Psychologist

    • Freelance

    • Columnist

    editing vs soloing sometimes faster sometimes

    • Editing vs. Soloing

    – (Sometimes) faster

    – (Sometimes) easier

    – Seems to be no difference in getting a


    • Non-fiction (my biases)

    – Never write a whole book first

    • Unless fiction

    – Always contract first!

    – What do they like to publish?

    • Wiley likes Series…

    how to pitch wiley

    How to pitch Wiley


    – Why are you developing this project?

    – What need does it address?

    – What developments, trends,

    and issues will cause the reader

    to want to/need to read your book?

    purpose what is the work designed to accomplish

    • Purpose

    – What is the work designed to accomplish?

    – What kind(s) of problems does your book

    address and what solutions does it offer?

    – How does it meet the need you have


    – In what ways would the work add to

    current knowledge and practice?

    – What would the work help the

    practitioner or student do, understand,

    or improve?

    distinctive selling points target market audience

    • Distinctive Selling Points

    • Target Market /Audience

    • Table of Contents and Chapter-by-

    Chapter Descriptions

    • Knowledge Base

    • Title Possibilities

    • Length

    • Competition

    • Timetable

    • Background Information

    praeger likes sets

    •Praeger likes Sets


    •General Interest Categories

    (of which you are invited)…

    getting an agent pitching a manuscript novels

    • Getting an agent

    – Pitching a manuscript

    – Novels/fiction/screenplays

    – Kellerman/Mayer

    contracts a go go or a no go

    Contracts a-go-go or a-no-go?

    • Advances/Royalties

    • Wiley vs. APA

    • Payment timing

    • Ownership

    • Right of first refusal 

    • Contracts are negotiable

    • Control (ha, ha)

    – Cover art

    – Ink color

    – Font style

    – Size/cut

    • Sell by the chapter (!)

    examples of real pitches for contracted published

    Examples of real pitches for

    contracted/published books,

    real marketing plans, and

    actual contracts are

    available at…

    book publishing non traditional

    Book Publishing,

    “Non” Traditional

    which of these books were self published what

    Which of these books were self-


    • What Color is Your Parachute 22 editions, 6

    million copies, 11 languages and 288

    weeks on the NYT bestseller list

    • In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters

    • Real Peace by Richard Nixon

    • The One-Minute Manager

    • The Joy of Cooking

    • The Elements of Style by

    Strunk and White

    self published


    What Color is Your Parachute 22 editions, 6

    million copies, 11 languages and 288

    weeks on the NYT bestseller list

    In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters

    Real Peace by Richard Nixon

    The One-Minute Manager

    The Joy of Cooking

    The Elements of Style by

    Strunk and White

    amazon s createspace

    Amazon's CreateSpace

    • Their printing costs are the lowest

    • There are no initial set-up fees

    • They offer a non-exclusive agreement

    that keeps your future publishing

    and distribution options open

    • They have Kindle distribution so

    your book, once converted, can be

    published as an e-Book as well.

    the benefits of being 1 in your category

    The Benefits of Being #1 in Your Category

    You get to share the buzz on social media about hitting #1…! Nice

    Even more importantly, your book will start to get recommended

    under the section titled "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought"

    for other similar books.

    While no one knows the exact algorithm Amazon

    uses to recommend your book, there seems to be

    a connection with the ranking of your book, the

    number of reviews, and number of sales.

    The moral: As your ranking increases, Amazon

    will promote your book...for free!

    1 in kindle or amazon for that matter

    #1 in Kindle (or Amazon, for that matter)

    The Key…?

    Choose Your Categories Wisely

    self publishing words of caution they frequently

    Self-Publishing: Words of Caution

    • They frequently overcharge

    • Sell unnecessary services

    • May overstate what they will do

    • You may be seduced into spending many

    thousands of dollars to get your book printed

    and distributed. And that’s without any

    marketing or publicity services

    • So, be an educated consumer, know

    what services you need and know what

    those services should cost. Then you

    need to comparison shop. There are lots

    of companies out there and the pricing

    of their packaged plans frequently change.

    blogging aim for keywords that solve problems

    • Blogging

    – Aim for keywords that solve

    problems (“How to deal with a

    passive-aggressive husband”)

    – Provide tips that deliver (“10

    tips for helping your kid get

    better grades”), or

    – Answer intriguing questions

    (“Why don’t men live as long as


    marketing ideas

    Marketing Ideas

    • Get “Names” to write your

    – Foreword

    – Afterword

    – “Early Praise”

    • Surprisingly not hard

    • Past APA Presidents

    • WEF Founder

    • The trick?

    – Ask!

    the evidence based practice

    The Evidence-

    Based Practice

    oprah on line 1

    Oprah on line 1

    • You may believe that once your book is

    published, your work is done. It’s not.

    • It’s only the beginning. Here are 10 ways

    to get started:

    – Participate in online forums about

    your book’s subject.

    – Ask colleagues, friends and book

    bloggers if they would review your

    book. Don’t forget to offer them a free

    copy of your book.

    – Create a mailing list composed of

    people who have shown interest in

    your work. Keep them informed

    about anything new that you’ve


    – Go to Amazon Central to create an

    author profile so readers can learn

    more about you.

    oprah on line 2

    Oprah on line 2

    • Join social media sites and groups within

    those sites that might be interested in

    your book.

    • Issue press releases about your work.

    Don’t make the press release

    promotional. Instead, orient it toward

    stimulating the interest of a reporter or

    producer. You can write your own press

    release or purchase them from services

    that will also distribute them to the media

    (e.g., PR Newswire).

    • Join APA’s media referral services. Be

    ready to define your specific expertise.

    Then, be prompt in returning journalists’

    phone calls and helping them develop

    their stories…



    • Venues for Sales

    – Public Libraries ($ )

    talks 1


    • Venues for Sales

    – Barnes & Noble

    (No $ )

    talks 2


    • Venues for Sales

    Colleges (you’re

    what that activity

    fee was for…)

    talks 3


    • Venues for Sales

    – Organizations

    • Div 42 @ APA

    talks 4


    • Venues for Opportunities

    – Schools/PTAs (consults/referrals)

    – Houses of Worship (referrals)

    – Professional (academic currency,

    test driving ideas, etc…)

    talks aka peaking engagements congratulations

    Talks, aka $peaking Engagements

    • Congratulations! You have been invited

    to speak!

    – Who is the audience?

    – Free or fee? (Value to you even if free?)

    – Who pays to get you there and back?

    – Just travel or meals, too?

    – Who makes arrangements?

    – Actual costs incurred or per diem?

    – Deposit and/or cancellation fee?

    • Have a Prepared Agreement Form

    – Basically clarity on all the details

    makes everyone happy.

    lots and lots of resources more ways to increase

    Lots (and lots) of resources…

    • (More) ways to Increase you Amazon


    • How to create your first Kindle book in a


    • CreateSpace formatted book template

    • Tips for Getting Motivated

    • 14 Tips for Writing Faster

    • Tools to get through writer’s


    • And about a 1000 more tips…

    now get started

    Now, get started…