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Dental Implants - A Clever Option Over Dentures

Dental implants VS dentures! Get to know how both will differ from each other. Nicely compared, the truth explored!

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Dental Implants - A Clever Option Over Dentures

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  1. Dental ImplantsA Clever Option Over Dentures

  2. The World is Beautiful Now... Gone are the days when one suffered from an embarrassment of living their life with missing teeth. Now not! • If you have lost one or more of your teeth due to accidents, decays or aging, you need not worry! Let's see why...

  3. Dental Implants VS Dentures Today, let’s talk about Dental Implants and Dentures! It’s a matter of journeying from ancient time to modernity, where these both treatments differ. Let’s us see how...

  4. Speaking About Dentures They are not new to us... The dentures have been present in their bony and ivory forms for decades. Although they have helped us as alternative teeth, several of their disadvantages do also support user's various disagreements!

  5. Difficulties With Dentures If observed practically, • The dentures are not fixed. They may move or slip away from their places. • They cause discomfort in speaking & eating. • One may also require some adhesives or paste to secure them in the place. An unpleasant experience for denture wearers!

  6. Difficulties With Dentures • They may also lead to some gum irritation or sores. • One may also require their eventual replacement for cleaning and maintenance. • The dentures may not help in bone preservation of jaws too. The dentures offer cost effectiveness against dental implants.

  7. About Dental Implants Dental Implants Do Come Over Dentures! True! They are the most powerful gift to humankind from cosmetic dentistry to date. Dental implants are a permanent solution to one’s missing or damaged teeth! Let's understand them in details.

  8. Advantages of Dental Implants The dental implants is a long-lasting oral solution. They are durable and will even last forever if preserved well. They look and function like our natural teeth. They help in enhancing one’s smile and speaking and eating capabilities. They give good facial balance too.

  9. Advantages of Dental Implants Most importantly, • They are fixed, not slippery. • No hassles to replace them. • Easier to clean and maintain. • Preserve our jawbones, removing any risks of gum and bone recession or facial collapse. They are costilier than the dentures.

  10. But Seeing... The benefits of dental implants over the dentures, What will you prefer? Indeed, the benefits of dental implants are more than that of dentures! The decision is yours...

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