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Cost Effective Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Ahmedabad

Get back your beautiful smile and regular oral functions! Dr. Bhalla dental clinic, presents best, affordable cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, dental implants etc. Best dental surgeon in India.

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Cost Effective Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Ahmedabad

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  1. Cosmetic Dentistry Improving - More than Your Teeth

  2. Cosmetic dentistry is on rise People all over the globe approve several cosmetic dental treatments at the most. But, what is in it that makes it so favourite of all? Well, they don't only offer a good smile, but they also help to improve our oral functions. And, there is much more too....

  3. Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) This brings us an ever brighter and whiter smile! Tooth whitening helps to remove teeth discoloration and all those diehard stains that once were the reason of our ugly smile...

  4. Porcelain Veneers This improves our teeth that have heavy stains, big gaps or cracks or breaks over them. They are the custom-made shells that are nicely fixed over teeth by our dentist.

  5. Dental Bonding This process fixes our teeth that have discoloration, decays, minor gapes or are crooked. The composite resins are applied to the teeth for tooth restoration and improving tooth appearance.

  6. Cosmetic Gum Surgery (Gum Contouring) This mainly improves our "Gummy Smile", the oversized gums! It is the most advanced laser treatment that remove excess tissues of our “gummy” smile, keeping our teeth and gums in good proportion.

  7. Tooth Contouring and Reshaping This mainly improves unpleasant marks, shabby edges or tiny grooves on our teeth. It is a painless and less expensive option to improve one’s oral health and achieve an attractive smile.

  8. Dental Implants They are truly the permanent oral solution to missing or damaged teeth. They act like the natrual teeth. In functions, they are simply superb and last longer compared to other treatments. A completely worthwhile process!

  9. What else? Well, the cosmetic dentistry has its ever powerful role to offer. What best suits to us and what dental treatment our dentist utlimately advices us a personal choice!

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