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DSA 101. Plan Approval Process for the Career Technical Education Facilities Program (CTE) . July 2010. DSA Organization. DSA Headquarters located in Sacramento Four DSA Regional Offices serve the State San Francisco Bay Area Sacramento Los Angeles San Diego.

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Dsa 101

DSA 101

Plan Approval Process for theCareer Technical Education Facilities Program (CTE)

July 2010

Dsa organization
DSA Organization

  • DSA Headquarters located in Sacramento

  • Four DSA Regional Offices serve the State

    • San Francisco Bay Area

    • Sacramento

    • Los Angeles

    • San Diego

Dsa organization roles responsibilities
DSA Organization – Roles & Responsibilities

  • DSA Headquarters

    • Statewide programs- Inspector Certification- Academy (code and plan review training classes)- Material Test Laboratory Approval

    • Code Development- accessibility, structural safety, green/sustainability

    • Policies and Code Interpretations

      - Interpretations of Regulations (IR)

      - Policies (PL), Bulletins (BU), Procedures

Dsa organization roles responsibilities1
DSA Organization – Roles & Responsibilities

  • DSA Regional Offices

    • Project plan review and approval

    • Construction oversight- project inspector approval

    • Project close-out and certification

    • Pre-submittal (design phase) meetings- review access, fire, structural and project schedule

Projects required to be dsa approved
Projects Required to be DSA Approved

  • Construction of any new school building

  • Construction of any addition to a school building

  • Alterations to existing school buildings and facilities if the project cost exceeds $35,623 (amount adjusted annually per IR A-10)

  • See “publications” page at www.dsa.dgs.ca.gov- DSA IR A-10 Projects Exempt from DSA Approval

Applicable laws and regulations
Applicable Laws and Regulations

  • Statutes – Ed. Code Sec. 17280 (Field Act – K-12)

  • Govt. Code Sec. 4450 (Accessibility)

  • Regulations – Title 24 Parts 1-12

    • Part 1 – Administrative Code

    • Part 2 - Building Code

    • Parts 3, 4, 5, 6 – Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Energy Efficiency Codes

    • Part 9 - Fire Code

Scope of dsa review
Scope of DSA Review

  • DSA reviews construction documents for compliance with building regulations for:

    • Structural Safety (SS)

    • Fire & Life Safety (FLS)

    • Accessibility (AC)

    • Energy Efficiency(High Performance Incentive Grant Program)

  • Construction documents must show ALL work (including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design)

Dsa s website www dsa dgs ca gov
DSA’s Website — www.dsa.dgs.ca.gov

  • Project Status – “TRACKER”- see “Tools & Applications” webpage

  • Project Submittal Guidelines- see “Submit Plans” webpage

  • DSA Publications (policies, IRs, procedures, bulletins)- see “Publications” webpage

  • Forms (DSA-1 Application, DSA-3 submittal checklist)- see “Forms” webpage

  • Headquarters and Regional Office Contact information- see “Contact Us” on the “About DSA” webpage

Plan approval process step 1 preliminary review for cte projects
Plan Approval Process STEP 1Preliminary Review for CTE Projects

  • Highly Recommended (not required)

  • Contact Regional Office early in schematic design to schedule preliminary review mtg.- contact Regional Manager or Supervising Engineer- School district representative should attend

  • Identify design problems prior to completion of plans (i.e. geohazard reportrequirements)

  • Establish project schedule and timeframe goals for plan review and approval- See webpage “DSA Tools & Applications”- Plan Review Time Estimate Information

Plan approval process step 2 submitting plans to dsa
Plan Approval Process STEP 2Submitting Plans to DSA

  • Complete plans & specifications (3 sets)

  • Geologic Hazards Report & Soils Report- CGS approval of the report is required prior to DSA stamp-out- Refer to DSA IR A-4

  • Structural Calculations

  • Site drawing signed by local fire authority approving fire access, gates, fire flow, and hydrants

  • Site plan to show “Path of Travel” for site and building accessibility

Plan approval process step 2 submitting plans to dsa continued
Plan Approval Process STEP 2 Submitting Plans to DSA (continued)

  • Energy compliance documentation (2008 efficiency stds)

  • Fire sprinkler design documents (if bldg has fire sprinklers)- Refer to DSA Policy 10-01, no deferred submittals effective 7-1-10

  • DSA Application Form (DSA-1)

  • DSA-3 Submittal Checklist

  • DSA-10 Project Funding Status Inquiry

  • Fees - based on estimated construction cost - refer to “Fees” on the “Submit Plans” webpage

  • Intake Meeting with DSA can be arranged at client’s request

Plan approval process step 3 dsa intake review
Plan Approval Process STEP 3 DSA Intake Review

  • DSA intake architect verifies that the submittal is complete

  • DSA Application number assigned by DSA

  • District and Architect notified by email “Notice of Progress” indicating:

    1. Project’s Application number

    2. Anticipated date review will start

    3. Referral to TRACKER (on website) for monitoring project status

Plan approval process step 4 plan review
Plan Approval Process STEP 4Plan Review

  • Plans are reviewed in order received, based on priority rating from DSA-10 formSee Bulletin 09-04 Plan Review Assignment Priority Categories

  • 3 concurrent reviews are conducted:(4 reviews if high performance energy review is reqd.)

    1. Structural - Structural Engineer

    2. Fire & Life Safety - FLS Officer

    3. Accessibility - Access Architect

  • Plans reviewed by first available plan reviewer (for all three disciplines)

Plan approval process step 5 reviewed plans returned to architect
Plan Approval Process STEP 5 Reviewed Plans Returned to Architect

  • Each of three “checksets” (SS, FLS, AC) returned to Architect when completed

  • “TRACKER” indicates status of each review (SS, FLS, AC) including when review is complete and returned to the Architect

Plan approval process step 6 design team review of checkset
Plan Approval Process STEP 6Design Team Review of Checkset

  • Architect coordinates Design Professional Team review of DSA comments

  • Design Professional Team makes needed revisions to plans and supporting documents

  • Architect schedules a “backcheck” appointment at DSA Regional Office

Plan approval process step 7 backcheck stamp out of plans specs
Plan Approval Process STEP 7 Backcheck / Stamp-out of Plans & Specs

  • Architect and consultants bring corrected drawings, specifications, and checksets to backcheck appointment

  • Architect and engineers must provide experienced staff at the backcheck appointment

  • DSA staff reviews corrected drawings & specs with 3 checksets with the architect & engineers

Plan approval process step 8 stamping plans specs
Plan Approval Process STEP 8 Stamping Plans & Specs

  • When backcheck is done, SS, FLS, AC initial & date DSA Identification Stamp

Plan approval process step 9 approving plans specs
Plan Approval Process STEP 9 Approving Plans & Specs

  • DSA scans a record set of plans and specifications and returns original documents to the architect

  • DSA issues an Approval Letter to the School District via email

  • The date of the Approval Letter is the official DSA plan approval date.

Recommendations for cte projects
Recommendations for CTE Projects

  • Contact DSA early in the design process to discuss project schedule and approval date goals

  • Use preliminary review meetings during the design phase to verify technical and DSA process requirements

  • Submit and obtain CGS approval of the geohazards report early in the design process

  • Maintain scheduled milestone date for intake (submittal of complete plans for review) to maintain schedule for return of checksets and stamp-out