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Held in Tokyo, JAPAN 27-28 June,2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Workshop on Developing Coordinated Inter-Agency National Plan Of Action To Eradicate Trafficking in Persons. Held in Tokyo, JAPAN 27-28 June,2005. Presented by: Raja Manzoor Elahi Dy. Director ATU,FIA

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Held in tokyo japan 27 28 june 2005

Workshop on Developing Coordinated Inter-Agency National Plan Of Action To Eradicate Trafficking in Persons

Held in Tokyo, JAPAN

27-28 June,2005

Presented by:

Raja Manzoor Elahi

Dy. Director ATU,FIA

Islamabad, Pakistan


The journey has begun

  • Threat Dimension

  • Legislative Initiatives

  • Strategy

  • Enforcement By FIA

  • National Action Plan

  • Human Rights Dimension

  • Conclusion

Threat dimension
Threat Dimension

Human Trafficking has Multi Dimensional Threats, which are summarized as under:

  • Denies Human Rights and Freedom

  • Poses Huge Risks to the victims

  • Fuels Organized Crime like Drug

    Trafficking & Terrorism etc.

Legislative initiatives
Legislative Initiatives

  • No Specific Law was existing in Pakistan before 2002 to combat trafficking in person effectively.

  • Human Trafficking Ordinance 2002, was therefore promulgated to meet national and international requirements on the subject.

  • Human Trafficking, in all its forms and manifestations, has been defined clearly.

  • Deterrent punishments, up to 14 years of imprisonment & fine, laid down in the ord.

  • Human Trafficking Rules 2004 also approved to cover security, welfare, rehabilitation and repatriation of the victims with the assistance of NGO’s.

Establishment of atu
Establishment of ATU

  • FIA, being the lead agency in Pakistan, has established a specialunit to be called Anti Trafficking Unit (ATU) for country wide operations.

  • ATU is responsible :

  • To prevent & Protect Victims of Trafficking

  • To Investigate Cases, Ensure, Arrest ,Prosecution & Conviction of offenders.

  • To build up database of Human Traffickers.

  • To Liaise with MOI, NAS of US embassy, IOM NGO’s & Intelligence/ LEAS for exchange of information.


  • Three P’s:Prevention,Protection & Prosecution.

A Multi Pronged Strategy has been devised to control

and eradicate Human Trafficking more effectively.

  • Three R’s: Rescue, Rehabilitation &


  • Three C’s: Commitment, Cooperation


Enforcement by fia
Enforcement By FIA

  • FIA has registered as many as 986 cases against human traffickers during the years 2003 to May, 2005

  • During this process 790 culprits involved in human

    trafficking have been arrested.

  • After completion of investigations 381 cases have

    been sent to court for trial purpose.

  • 94 cases have been convicted and 6 acquitted

    so far.


National action plan
National Action Plan

  • Policy decision by Inter Ministerial Coordination Committee under Ministry of Interior.

  • Inter Agency Task Force on Human Trafficking, with FIA as lead agency, to start operations with effect from July 1st , 2005.

  • Special Campaign by the Task Force to be launched against the traffickers.

  • Progress to be reviewed on the monthly basis and

    target to be achieved in 6 Months.

Human rights dimension
Human Rights Dimension

  • Right to life, liberty & freedom from Slavery of the victims.



    : 111-345-678



    Focal Point (ADG Imgn.)

    For Personal Follow up :


“Our Business is to get Human Traffickers out of Business”.