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Valmont Industries Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Valmont Industries Inc.

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Valmont Industries Inc.
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Valmont Industries Inc.

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  1. Valmont Industries Inc.

  2. Agenda • Valmont Industries – General Presentation • Valmont's design capability in Transmission poles and substations • High mast manufacturing plants • Quality control • Steel pole advantages • Types of steel poles • Transmission and substation structures - photos • Customers list Valmont One - Nebraska

  3. Poles Markets Transportation Utility Commercial Wireless

  4. Transportation Products Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Highway and Street Lighting

  5. Commercial Products Area Lighting Sports Lighting

  6. Wireless Communication Products Monopoles Specialty Poles

  7. Utility - Products Monopole Y-frame H-frame Tension-pole

  8. Valmont Global Manufacturing Facilities Valmont’s Global Facilities Charmeil, France Jasper, Tennessee Siedlce, Poland Qindao, China Shanghai, China Valley, Nebraska Kangasniemi, Finland Tulsa, Oklahoma Minneapolis, Minnesota El Dorado, Kansas Farmington, Minnesota Tulsa, Oklahoma Kiiu, Estonia Chicago, Illinois Madrid, Spain Minneapolis, Minnesota Mansfield, Texas Chesterfield, United Kingdom Brenham, Texas Elkhart, Indiana Creuzier-le-Neuf, France Bellville, Texas Chicago, Illinois Madrid, Spain Albany, Oregon Brenham, Texas Plymouth, Indiana Charmeil, France Elkhart, Indiana Tualatin, Oregon Creuzier-le-Neuf, France Jasper, Tennessee Albany, Oregon Gelsenkirchen, Germany Salem, Oregon Plymouth, Indiana St. Julie, Quebec, Tualatin, Oregon Siedlce, Poland Canada Gelsenkirchen, Germany Salem, Oregon Selbyville, Delaware St. Julie, Quebec, Alberta, Canada Canada Finland & Estonia Los Angeles, California Shanghai, China Long Beach, California Barstow, California Heshan, China Los Angeles, California Delhi, India McCook, Nebraska Long Beach, California Bartow, Florida Jebel Ali, Dubai (Irrigation & poles) Omaha, Nebraska Commerce, City, Colorado Claxton, Georgia Sioux City, Iowa Waverly, Nebraska McCook, Nebraska Heshan, China West Point, Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska Delhi, India Uberaba, Brazil Valley, Nebraska Sioux City, Iowa Jebel Ali, Dubai Waverly, Nebraska Queensland, Australia Berrechid, Morocco West Point, Nebraska Rive-de-Gier, France Uberaba, Brazil Maarheeze, The Netherlands Nigel, South Africa Monterrey, Mexico Monterrey, Mexico Berrechid, Morocco Rive-de-Gier, France Bay Minette, Alabama Global Sales USD1500 Million Tuscaloosa, Alabama Maarheeze, The Netherlands Nigel, South Africa

  9. Americas Europe/Middle East and Africa Barstow, California Bartow, Florida Bay Minette, Alabama Bellville, Texas Brenham, Texas Claxton, Georgia Commerce City, Colorado El Dorado, Kansas Elkhart, Indiana Farmington, Minnesota Hazelton, Pennsylvania Jasper, Tennessee Mansfield, Texas Plymouth, Indiana Salem, Oregon Selbyville, Delaware Tulsa, Oklahoma Valley, Nebraska Delta, BC, Canada St. Julie, Quebec, Canada Monterrey, Mexico Berrechid, Morocco Charmeil, France Chesterfield-Derbyshire, UK Gelsenkirchen, Germany Kiuu, Estonia Kangasniemi, Finland Maarheeze, The Netherlands Rive-de-Gier, France Siedlce, Poland China Global Locations Guangzhou China Qingdao, China Shanghai, China

  10. Valmont's design capability in Transmission poles and substations • Professional engineering team specializes in transmission pole structures • Valmont engineers members of design standard committee ASCE • International design code: • American Standards: ASCE, ASSHTO, TIA/EIA • European and International Standards • Finite element design programs • AutoCAD drafting systems • Global engineering capabilities • Full scale testing facility • Design methodology – Non-linear Elastic Analysis

  11. Unique Advantages to support export projects • Solid international business experience • Strong design & engineering teams with working knowledge of international design code • International steel suppliers • One quality assurance program for the global manufacturing facilities • Common quality control procedures based on international norms • Specialized international team • Logistics coordination

  12. Highmast manufacturing plants Coil steel Plasma cutting Break Press CNC Drilling machine

  13. Submerged Arc Seam Welders

  14. Galvanized finish with optional powder coating or liquid paint

  15. Quality control • Material • Dimensions • Welding– Ultrasonic insepctions & Magnetic Particle • Galvanizing

  16. ISO Certification for every plant • ISO 9001 quality system • Valmont USA Manufacturing Specifications • Manufacturing & Inspection Norms based on ASTM • AWS certified welders and inspectors

  17. Steel Pole Advantages • Less right-of-way • Better appearance • Less components, fast installation • Better reliability under extreme conditions • Flexibility in design • Reliable performance and long service life

  18. Less Right-of-way • Smaller foundation takes less land • Efficiently placed along highways, roads, rail tracks • Can be installed at locations with very limited space

  19. Better Appearance • Trend of city beautification • Remove “visual” pollution • Need structure compatible with environment • Bulky clutter lattice tower visually unpleasant • 85% public prefer poles over lattice towers

  20. Better Reliability under Extreme Condition • Steel monopoles are more flexible than lattice towers, concrete or wood pole under heavy loads • In broken conductor case, bigger deflection of the steel pole reduces tension in intact span and induces smaller bending moment at base • Round or multi-side profile induces less wind load • In past cases where lattice towers and wood poles failed in hurricane and tornado, no steel poles were damaged

  21. Flexibility in Design • Various structure configuration – monopoles and frames • Different voltages and circuits on same pole • Distribution under-built • Multiple circuits in different orientation • Adding lines for telephone, cable TV

  22. Steel poles shapes • Configuration - single pole, H-frame, Y-frame, X-frame, 3-pole structure

  23. Steel poles connections available between sections • Sections connections – slip joints, flange joints, butt welded joints

  24. Steel pole foundations options • Foundation types – concrete foundations with anchor bolts, direct embedded, caisson foundations

  25. Steel poles finishes • Surface protection – galvanizing, weathering steel, powder coating over galvanizing

  26. Steel pole climbing systems Climbing ladder Step bolts Z-steps

  27. Substation Structures 220kV & 500kV Tubular substations

  28. Full scale testing capabilities

  29. Steel transmission pole examples 132kV double circuit tension pole 110kV dead-end pole 230kV X-Frame line in Alaska 110kV quadruple circuit - China

  30. Steel transmission pole examples 132kV self supporting angle pole 132kV twin structure 132kV guyed tension pole 330kV gantry

  31. Steel transmission pole examples 230kV twin structure - Shanghai 230kV double circuit - Manila

  32. Global Customers include: • Company-wide commitment to customers satisfaction • Valmont engineers work closely with customers’ engineers to provide optimum solutions • Right pole delivered on time • Serving utility customers worldwide

  33. Valmont – The Global Leader of Steel Transmission Poles