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Iowa. By:Fabiola Jirau 2013 . Laurel Clark. Laurel Clark. Laurel Clark was born in Iowa. She died on February 1, 2003 over the southern United States when the space shuttle Columbia and the crew perished before entry.

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By:Fabiola Jirau


laurel clark

Laurel Clark

Laurel Clark

Laurel Clark was born in Iowa. She died on February 1, 2003 over the southern United States when the space shuttle Columbia and the crew perished before entry.

After she died, she was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, NASA Space Flight Medal , the NASA Distinguished Service Medal of Honor, and the Defense Distinguished Service Medal.

iowa state motto
Iowa State Motto

The Iowa state motto is “Our Liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”.

iowa s statehood
Iowa’s Statehood

Iowa became a state of the United States on December 28, 1846. It became the 29th state to join the union.


iowa s firsts and trivia
Iowa’s Firsts And Trivia

The name Iowa comes from the Ioway Indians who lived in the area.

Iowa ranks first in soybeans, hog and corn production

Iowa is home to the first in-the -nation presidential caucuses.

Five Nobel Prize winners came from Iowa

iowa state facts
Iowa State Facts

Iowa has only one town called Sabula on an island

Iowa is covered with rocks called Geodes, Iowa’s State rock

Iowa is a state that produces lots of corn

Iowa’s Mound Builders made earthen mounds in the shapes like animals

iowa s state nickname
Iowa’s state Nickname

The Hawkeye State

iowa s counties
Iowa’s Counties

99 counties

Iowa’s state capital

Iowa’s state capital is Des Moines

iowa s population
Iowa’s Population

Iowa’s population in 2012 was 3,074,186 people

state bird
State Bird

Iowa’s state bird is the Eastern Goldfinch

state flower
State Flower

Rosa Arkansan

iowa state tree
Iowa State Tree

The Oak Tree is Iowa’s state tree

iowa s state gemstone
Iowa’s State Gemstone

The Geode is Iowa’s gemstone

state natives and settlers
State Natives And Settlers

Woodland Indians, Pilgrims , Mound Builders

state explorers
State Explorers

Jacques Marquette

Louis Joliet

iowa s four most well known places
Iowa’s four most well known places


Des Moines

Rose Hill


iowa s latitude and longitude
Iowa’s Latitude and Longitude

Latitude: 40°23′N to 43°30′N Longitude: 90°8′W to 96°38′W

iowa s state song
Iowa’s State Song

You asked what land I love the best, Iowa, tis Iowa, The fairest State of all the west, Iowa, O! Iowa, From yonder Misissippi's streamTo where Missouri's waters gleamO! fair it is as poet's dream, Iowa, in Iowa. See yonders fields of tasseled corn, Iowa in Iowa,Where plenty fills her golden horn, Iowa in Iowa,See how her wonderous praries shine.To yonder sunset’s purpling line,O! happy land, O! land of mine, Iowa, O! Iowa.

And she has maids whose laughing eyes, Iowa, O! Iowa.To him whose loves were Paradise, Iowa, O! IowaO! happiest fate that e’er was known.Such eyes to shine for one alone,To call such beauty all his own. Iowa, O! Iowa

Go read the story of thy past. Iowa, O! IowaWhat glorious deeds, what fame thou hast! Iowa, O! IowaSo long as time’s great cycle runs,Or nations weep their fallen ones,Thou’lt not forget thy patriot sons, Iowa, O! Iowa

The state song of Iowa is called “Song of Iowa”

iowa s bordering states
Iowa’s bordering states

Iowa is South of Minnesota

Iowa is North of Missouri

Iowa is West of Illinois, and Wisconsin

Iowa is East of Nebraska , and South Dakota

iowa s region
Iowa’s region

Iowa is in the Midwest states



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From Laurel Clark