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Commissioner's Review. Technical Assistance Workshop for School Counselors. Rhode Island School Counselor Association November 2006. What Is the Commissioner’s Review?.

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Commissioner s review

Commissioner's Review

Technical Assistance Workshopfor School Counselors

Rhode Island School Counselor Association

November 2006

What is the commissioner s review
What Is theCommissioner’s Review?

The Rhode Island Commissioner of Education has initiated a review process in which districts must demonstrate how they are organized to support student success and the progress they are making in school reform.

Five components
Five Components

  • Component I—Graduation by Proficiency

  • Component II—Support to Students

    • Part A—Scaffolded Adolescent Literacy

    • Part B—Personalization

    • Part C—Comprehensive School Counseling

  • Component III—Support to Staff

    • Part A—Professional Development

    • Part B—Common Planning Time

    • Part C—School-wide Coordination and Leadership

  • Component IV—Communication

  • Component V—Policy Infrastructure and Use of Data

Commissioner s review

Are you confused? Review Process?

Commissioner s review

Makes Us Try to Fit Review Process?Square Pegs in Round Holes

Commissioner s review

Targets Us Unfairly Review Process?

The commissioner s review is an opportunity
The Commissioner's Review Review Process?Is an Opportunity

The Commissioner’s Review allows us to work individually as counselors and collectively as school-based and district-wide counseling departments to demonstrate our contribution to:

  • Systemic Change (e.g., participating in school improvement initiatives)

  • Advocacy (e.g., communicating needs of students, promotes equity and excellence)

  • Leadership (e.g., acting as a catalyst for change)

  • Collaboration (e.g., working with teachers, other support staff and building leadership to improve the school and personalize student learning)

What is in risca s response guide
What Is in RISCA’s Review Process?Response Guide?

  • Instructions

  • Self-Study

  • Response Template

  • Compelling Evidence Template

  • Planning Template to Produce the Evidence for Submission to RIDE

    The Response Guide is available for free download on the RISCA Website:

What is compelling evidence
What Is Compelling Evidence? Review Process?

  • Compelling Evidence is Documented Evidence that:

    • Clearly Demonstrates that We are Successfully Implementing a Comprehensive School Counseling Program

    • Clearly Demonstrates that We are Helping Students Meet the Requirements of the RI High School Diploma System

    • Clearly Demonstrates that We are Contributing to More Personalized Learning Experiences for Students

Toolkits can be used to produce compelling evidence
Toolkits Can Be Used to Produce Compelling Evidence Review Process?

Priority Products (What to Focus on First)

  • Program Description (TK2)

    • Scope & Sequence

    • Curriculum Alignment with ASCA & NCDG

    • Some Documented Curriculum Activities

  • Plans (TK1 & TK7)

    • 3-Year Strategic Plan (TK1)

    • Implementation Plans for Current & Upcoming School Year (TK1)

    • Individual Counselors Planning for Results (TK7)

  • Data (TK3)

    • SPARC

  • Individual Learning Plan Program (TK8)

Why is it so important for school counselors to get involved
Why Is It So Important Review Process?for School Counselorsto Get Involved?

“Students are advantaged or disadvantaged by what we do.”

—Pat Martin

10 steps you can take
10 Steps You Can Take Review Process?

  • Gather Documents Submitted to RIDE, in particular Component II (Support to Students)—Section C (Comprehensive School Counseling) and the Commissioner’s Response to this Section that Your School Received. Ask Your Principal to Help.

  • Assemble a Work Group and Schedule a Meeting.

  • As a Work Group, Review the Documents Listed in Step 1 and Agree on What Needs to be Done.

  • Complete the Compelling Evidence Template.

  • Use the Commissioner’s Review Planning Tool to develop your plan.

10 steps you can take1
10 Steps You Can Take Review Process?

  • Obtain Sign-off on the Plan from School Counselors and Building/District Leaders.

  • Implement Your Evidence Producing Plan, Continuously Monitoring to Ensure that Periodic Benchmarks are Met and that Expected Results can be Achieved within the Specified Timeframe.

  • Participate in School Governance & Reform Initiatives.

  • Join the RISCA ListServe and Check the RISCA Website ( and Newsletters.

  • Participate in RISCA’s Technical Assistance Workshops and/or let RISCA Know You Want Help.

When opportunity knocks
When Opportunity Knocks Review Process?

Will WeOpenthe Door?

Contact Review Process?

Belinda Wilkerson

Counselor-in-Residence at Providence College

Office of Graduate Studies

549 River Avenue, Providence, RI 02918

Telephone: 401-865-2789