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Welcome Binder to:

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Welcome Binder to:

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  1. UNIT XX – ADDRESS STREET Welcome Binder to: ImportantInformation Regarding Your Residence SDGDFSG XX Management

  2. Table of Contents Introduction Move-In Instructions – First Month Rental Policies – Payments & Contacts Move-Out Instructions – Move Out Checklist Rules and Regulations XX Management

  3. INTRODUCTION Welcome! • We are pleased to welcome you to your new home. • We would like to take this opportunity to introduce • ourselves and provide you a helpful welcome book • for your quick reference. This welcome book • provides you helpful information regarding move • in/move out instructions, general rules/regulations • and major rental policies we use in working with • residents. • Sincerely, • XX Management • Ph # XX Management

  4. Move In Instructions Your First Month • During your first week, a move-in inspection was • completed as well as signing your smoke detector • agreement. • Please ensure that you have arranged for all utility • accounts to be moved into your name: • Hydro (613) 738-6400 • Cable/Internet: • Below is the contact information for the cable and • internet providers in your area should you require • assistance setting up new accounts: • Rogers 1 (888) ROGERS-1 • Bell Canada 613 (310) BELL XX Management

  5. Rental Policies Payments & Contacts • On-Time Payments: • Payments are due FIRST DAY of each • month. We begin legal proceedings on the SECOND • DAY of the month if we have not receive payment by • the due date. • Payment Online: • By Email Money Transfer to the email: • XXXX@email.com • Payment by Mail: • We ask that you send your rent payment • postmarked at least five days before the due date to • the business address above, and thereby avoid the • loss of your on time payment credits (if applicable). • Make cheques payable: XX Inc. • Please note that we do not accept cash. XX Management

  6. Our Office Hours: M-F: 10AM - 6PM & SAT: 11AM – 5PM. After Hours: XXX@email.com Please call this number regarding any major concerns: PHONE NUMBER XX Management

  7. Property Manager The property manager for your unit is XX and can be contacted directly at: XXXX@email.com XX Management

  8. Move Out Instructions Your Last Month During your last month, a move-out inspection will be coordinated to ensure that the unit is left clean and undamaged as well as handover of keys. Please note that any damages to the unit are solely the responsibility of the tenant and all costs associated with the repairs are due and payable to our office immediately. We like to bring to your attention cleaning requirements so we have provided the following checklist: XX Management

  9. Move Out Checklist • Remove any unwanted items from the unit and set them outside for trash pickup on the appropriate day prior to your final move-out. If you leave any items in the premises or outside that have not been removed after you vacate, the owner will have items removed at your cost. • Remove all food and items from the cabinets and the refrigerator. • Clean all the appliances, including the stove, oven, and refrigerator. • Clean all countertops, sinks, toilets and tubs • Replace any missing or burned-out light bulbs. • Remove all items from the walls and sweep or vacuum all floors. XX Management

  10. Move Out Checklist XX Management

  11. XX Management

  12. XX Management

  13. XX Management

  14. Rules and Regulations Part One: Care of Unit • Ashes, garbage, sweepings, dirt, litter, or refuse shall be wrapped and deposited in waste receptacles for that purpose. • The water shall not be left running in the bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere in the demised premises, and all leaks shall be immediately reported to the caretaker/property manager. • Signs or placards shall not be posted in or about the demised premises or building. • The toilets, sinks, and wash-basins are to be used for the purpose for which they are intended, and no dust, rubbish, litter, coffee grounds, tea leaves, egg shells, parings, or garbage are to be put into them unless a waste disposal system for such purposes has been installed. XX Management

  15. Rules and Regulations Part One: Care of Unit • No piano or other musical instruments shall be permitted to be played later than 9:00pm or before 9:00am, nor shall music be taught or permitted to be either vocal or instrumental within these hours. Please be considerate of those who are your neighbors. • No parties shall be loud enough to disturb your neighbors after 11:00pm. • Brooms, mops, toys, and other articles shall not be left in any area other than the proper storage area for such items. • Tenants must not drive nails into walls. • Tenants must keep that part of the premises which they use and occupy as clean and sanitary as the conditions of the premises permit. XX Management

  16. Rules and Regulations Part One: Care of Unit • Laundry washing and maintenance of washing machines within the apartment units are prohibited, unless installed and approved by management. • The tenant is responsible for cleaning or replacing the air filters on your furnace/heat exchanger • Damage to plumbing equipment resulting from the use of non- permitted laundry equipment or any other abnormal use of sinks, tubs, and basins must be repaired at the expense of the tenant. • When individual heating equipment, electric range, refrigerator, or other automatic equipment is included in the rental unit for the sole use of the occupant, such equipment shall be kept in a state comparable to that which it was in at the time of the occupancy by tenant, with the exception of reasonable wear and tear. XX Management

  17. Rules and Regulations Part Two: Use of Halls, Roofs, Etc. • Children are not allowed to play in the corridors, entrance halls, on the roof in apartment buildings. • No window sills, fire escapes, ledges, or light shafts shall be used for storage purposes. No public halls or passageways shall, in any way, be obstructed by packages, boxes, or otherwise. • All furniture, provisions, supplies, carts, materials, ect…shall be received and delivered via the rear, basement, or other entrance denominated for such purpose. • Tenants are not permitted access to the roof except in case of emergency or by permission of manager. XX Management

  18. Rules and Regulations Part Three: Use of Laundry (Shared Facilities) • Use of laundry includes the shared facilities only. • Laundry room may be used only during the time allotted to the tenant by the manager, and laundry must be removed before closing time in the evening. • Management reserves the right to refuse the tenant to use the laundry and storeroom and all other building facilities for failure to comply with the laws and ordinances governing safety, health and sanitation, or for disregarding the rules pertaining to such facilities. • Use of the laundry and its facilities shall be limited to the washing of the usual personal and household articles. XX Management

  19. Rules and Regulations Part Three: Use of Laundry (Shared Facilities) NO CLEANING WITH INFLAMMABLE MATERIALS or DYEING IS PERMITTED. Note: Landlords/ agents are not responsible for any articles lost, stolen or damaged on these premises. The Landlord and agent reserve the right to make such additional rules and regulations as they deem necessary. XX Management