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Dougtt Clain - Immunotherapeutic Developer

Doug McClain works with Ethogen Biotech as the Chief Research Coordinator and he devotes his time to developing immunotherapy treatments. These treatments are currently being developed to fight cancer and also to fight chronic immune disorders. McClain's research is targeted specifically at chronic immune disorders such as psoriasis and diabetes.

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Dougtt Clain - Immunotherapeutic Developer

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  1. Dougtt Clain Immunotherapeutic Developer Doug McClain is a humanitarian who has been working in immunotherapy since the mid 1990's. McClain developed a Polyclonal Antibody for Immune Deficiency conditions. The treatment was successful and, more importantly, it led to breakthrough small molecular peptides that benefit the human body by acting as Immuno-Modulators (IM's) and as Biological Response Modifiers (BRM's). His success with this work has earned him international acclaim and it has allowed him to travel to several countries to educate health-care professionals on proper immunotherapy protocols.

  2. Doug McClain Immunotherapy Pioneer Doug McClain is a Christian businessman and also the Chief Research Coordinator at Ethogen Biotech. Through Ethogen Biotech, McClain developed a Polyclonal Antibody for Immuno Deficiency that later led to immunotherapy advances. The advances gained from McClain's immunotherapeutic treatment earned him International recognition and, as a result, he is traveling to spread the word about proper immunotherapy protocols and treatments. In the past, McClain traveled for 15 years working with a Christian non-profit organization to help small communities in over 65 countries.

  3. Doug McClain Treating Psoriasis Doug McClain is a devout Christian, a loving father and a passionate immunotherapy researcher. Though most immunotherapeutic treatments are currently focused on treating cancer, McClain hopes to contribute to research that cures, or at least treats, other chronic immune disorders. One condition that McClain hopes his research and treatments will benefit is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin disease that is caused by over-active T cells and, in the future, immunotherapy could help regulate the T cell activity to halt the painful and embarrassing disease.

  4. Doug McClain Treating Diabetic Wounds Doug McClain is a passionate Christian who hopes to help as many people as possible during his time on earth. Apart from helping communities around the world for 15 years and adopting three siblings from a negative living situation, McClain pursues his desire to help others through research in immunotherapeutic treatments. The advances that he has made, and those that he hopes to make in the future, might one day lessen the limb-threatening effects of diabetic wounds.

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