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Status of the Science Collaboration. What the heck is the “Science Collaboration?”. R.Svoboda, 2/27/2009. Science Collaboration. Composed of scientists from universities and laboratories. Main goal : SCIENCE

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Status of the science collaboration

Status of the Science Collaboration

What the heck is the “Science Collaboration?”

R.Svoboda, 2/27/2009

Science collaboration
Science Collaboration

  • Composed of scientists from universities and laboratories.

  • Main goal: SCIENCE

  • Major force in setting scientific agenda: goals, priorities, recommendations to agencies

  • Develop technical specifications; evaluate impact on science of engineering and technical options

  • Organize efforts and support of university groups through direct agency and project office requests

  • Organize scientific analysis

…don’t we first need detectors and a beam?

Interim informal organization
Interim Informal Organization



(DOE and NSF*)

BNL Detector

Project Office






CCC committee

SC/S3 Liaison: (R.Kadel)


at LBL (NSF)

(incl. SDSTA)

FNAL Project





* via S4 requests, no request to DOE yet

Science collaboration1
Science Collaboration

Interim Science Coordinator

Bob Svoboda

Interim Project Coordinator

Milind Diwan

Institutional Board

Chair: Marvin Marshak

Vice-Chair: Maury Goodman

Interim Executive Board

Chair: Ed Blucher


Milind Diwan


Bonnie Fleming

Beam WG

Gina Rameika

Other WG

Please….no more boxes….

What s going on now
What’s Going On Now

  • Coordinators: project plan, working groups, funding, agency contact, collaboration

  • IEB: Depth Document, Mission Statement, (this IEB will be replaced by an EB very soon)

  • IB: Governance Document, election of EB, collaboration name

  • WG’s: now forming

Will be ever get to the part about how

I get funded to participate?

What s the time scale
What’s the time scale?




…right. I’ve heard that before.

What makes this project different?

Status of the science collaboration

Again with the boxes.

What is he talking about?

T.Chan, HEPAP, Feb. 2009

Status of the science collaboration


J.Dehmer, HEPAP Feb. 2009

S4 proposals
“S4” proposals

  • S4: Water Cherenkov detector(s) in 300 kton range

  • S4: Liquid Argon detector in 5 kton range in preparation for 50-100 kton range

  • These S4 proposals have different philosophy, management scheme, and schedule

  • CD0: process underway now – Project Offices being established at FNAL and BNL

  • Kovar has indicated in talks he would like to have CD1 (similar to NSF CD) about one year after CD0.

…that’s fast!

Status of the science collaboration

  • plan for megaton scale WC on time scale requested by DOE and NSF. This is, in effect, already happening. Needs significant effort of DOE labs to complete CD in one year, CD-2 in three years.

  • develop LAr detector technology with a significant size detector to go into DUSEL modular lab. What is plan for presentation to NSB?

….do I send in a proposal or what?

Sequence of events
Sequence of Events

  • March 16: Request by DOE for list of tasks and associated costs for “CD1” level planning. We will work with Project Team through working groups to help with this.

  • “CD0” granted by DOE. We are told “soon”.

  • June: S4 review: committees are formed. 17 physics proposals. Finish review by June. Money this summer.

  • post CD0 – funding of Project Offices at FNAL/BNL. It is likely that university/lab proposals to DOE will be coordinated through the Project Offices. We are working to coordinate S4 work with Project Office.

  • ~early summer 2010: CD1 review of whole project by DOE

  • ~mid to late summer: CD review of S4 work by NSF

This meeting
This Meeting

  • Yesterday: face-to-face meetings between DUSEL and DOE lab organizations.

  • DUSEL Lab

  • DOE Project Organization

  • NSF and DOE plans

  • IB will meet to consider new collaboration organization plan – including procedure for electing EB and Spokesperson

Project phases
Project Phases



  • Phase 3: SUCCESS

The interim executive board
The Interim Executive Board

  • E. Blucher, Chicago (Chair)

  • A. Bernstein, LLNL

  • B. Fleming, Yale

  • E. Kearns, Boston

  • J. Klein, Penn

  • K. Lande, Penn

  • R. KcKeown, Caltech

  • R. Rameika, FNAL

  • K. Scholberg, Duke

  • J. Siegrist, LBL

  • H. Sobel, UC Irvine

  • G. Sullivan, Maryland

  • R. Svoboda, UC Davis and M. Diwan, BNL (ex-officio)

This Interim Board will eventually be replaced by an Executive Board formed by the more representative Institutional Board.


Institutional board
Institutional Board

  • ANL: M. Goodman

  • Boston: E. Kearns

  • BNL: M.Diwan

  • Caltech: R. McKeown

  • UC Davis: R.Svoboda

  • UC Irvine: H.Sobel

  • UCLA: H.Wang

  • Chicago: E.Blucher

  • Colorado State: N.Buchanan

  • Columbia: L.Camilieri

  • Drexel: C.Lane

  • Duke: K.Scholberg, C.Walter

  • FNAL: R.Rameika

  • Indiana: M.Messier

  • INFN(Catania): R.Potenza

  • Kansas State: T.Bolton

  • LANL: C.Mauger

  • LLNL: A.Bernstein

  • LBL: R.Kadel

  • LSU: T.Kutter

  • Maryland: G.Sullivan

  • MIT: J.Conrad

  • Minnesota: M.Marshak, W.Miller

  • Minnesota(Duluth): A.Habig

  • Penn: K.Lande

  • Princeton: K.McDonald

  • RPI: J.Napolitano

  • S.Carolina: C.Rosenfeld

  • Tennessee: T.Handler

  • Texas: K.Lang

  • Tufts: H.Gallagher

  • Wisconsin: K.Heeger

  • Yale: B.Fleming

Current Issues:

White Paper

Collaboration Governance