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Se7en. Camera. The constant close ups on the hand of the killer yet not being able to see his face, creates a suspicion and mystery for the audience as to who the film is about and what they are about to do.

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Presentation Transcript
  • The constant close ups on the hand of the killer yet not being able to see his face, creates a suspicion and mystery for the audience as to who the film is about and what they are about to do.
  • The detailed close ups throughout the title sequence make both the film and the storyline come to life as we feel we are there in close proximity with him.
  • The planned work shows the close and intercut reflecting on the killer which constructs him as a person, giving the audience a deeper understanding as to why and how he commits such crimes.
  • Overall the close up shots create suspense, where the audience is able to become aligned with the killerand see the story from his side.

CU- shows the sense of torture which is up close and is very uncomfortable to watch and makes the audience hide away.

CU- of mans hands makes the audience uneasy and out of their comfort zone, amplifying the horror theme.

  • There is an overlay on sound with the background music track and the screams and scratches coming into the beat, this could be representative of how the plot thickens as the film goes on.
  • The up beat music establishes this film as not only a horror but a thriller.
  • The music gradually builds up which is created into a methodical beat as it increases in tempo and pitch, highlighting how as the film goes on the intensity rises.
  • There is no human interacting until the end when a sincere males voice starts to sing lyrical words as it introduces religious aspects, relating to a wider audience creating empathy towards the victims and disgust toward the killer and outlining the success of the killer at the end of the film.
  • Towards the end, there is only vocal in the song and crescendos which creates a more excited and erratic feel.
  • The beats of the baseline are constantly rhythmic showing that maybe the killer has a specific way of acting and carrying out these 7 deadly sin related deaths.
mise en scene
  • The gridded paper alongside the countless pile of books shows how well planned and specific the killer is yet also shows a huge amount of obsession.
  • The close up of the double sided paper combined with the use of bright lighting also outlines his obsessive nature as we see the amounts of notes made, it also shows the length of time it has taken for him to prepare in such detail.
  • Again a close up is used on his hands which are covered in bandages with dirty fingernails which shows that he takes more care of his obsession rather than himself, something which could be linked to one of the seven deadly sins known as pride.
  • The old fashioned style of sewing a book together shows us the killers out dated way of thinking and possibly the out dated idea of the seven deadly sins, proving an invalid method to his madness.
  • The cut out of the word GOD from the money links it all together for the audience, creating a wider understanding of the story
  • There were a number of jump cuts within throughout the sequence, this can show dramatic things occurring or the unsettling scenes coming ahead where the jump cuts disorientate the audience.
  • There was the use of non continuity which reflects the element of unpredictability and adds a limit of ‘crazy’ to the title sequence, something which is reflective of the detective’s view towards the killer.
  • The lengths of the shots were very short as it kept skipping to what the character was doing next or even back to what we had seen before, this disorientates the audience and highlights the intensity in the sequence.
  • Adding to the image of the killer’s obsession and almost insanity, when showing the audience the writing in the books a number of words and letters are projected on to the screen which are a physical representation of the thoughts and plans going through the killers mind.
  • Cooper and Fincher decided to use hand-drawn [type] mixed with Helvetica.
  • The leading shows spaces vertically between the letters which were disjointed and could suggest a psychopathic process.
  • The scratched effect connotes danger or hurt in a brutal way, also the scratched effect shows the instability of his mind which highlights his insanity.
  • The handwritten effect of the font shows that we are watching from the mind of the killer.
  • The arbitrary is random and positioned disfigured text conveying his unpredicted personality.
  • The words do not have a base line showing his unbalanced self when he is writing in the sequence, this could suggests his nervous attitude towards everything going exactly to plan.
  • The information is in order of importance; Company film maker, producer, main actors, name of film, casting, music, editing and production.
  • However it is presented in a distorted manor, reflecting the unpredictability.