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User Input Session. Activities & Notifications. Presented by: Dan Davis & Madhuri Bhogadi. Today’s Overview. Standardization. Notifications exist in the system now, we are going to standardize how and when they happen.

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User Input Session

Activities & Notifications

Presented by: Dan Davis & Madhuri Bhogadi


  • Notifications exist in the system now, we are going to standardize how and when they happen.

  • Allowing for notifications to be associated with any major table / action.


  • Notification Tab will be added to Activity

  • Though out System we will allow for notifications along with activities


  • Notifications will be triggered off of activities (Action) table

  • Tab in action maintenance will allow for notification by division by notification group

  • Notifications can be automatic or manual


  • Notification groups currently allow for any number of people to be notified with either an alert or email.

  • We will add Entry to any email address and not only system Users

Types of notifications
Types of Notifications

  • 1) Modulo (Open for discussion)

  • 2) Master Screen (Customer / SO / etc.)

  • 3) Scheduler Based (Based on a selection of data and placed on scheduler)

  • All can be Manual or Auto assigned


  • Credit limit exceeded. Allowed to be controlled by customer. Currently it is for all or none.

  • Tech finishes call. Allowed to be by SO or by customer. Can be auto or manual

  • SO or Job is received. Currently system controlled but will be standardized by activity.

  • New call created. Auto notify by customer

  • Notify when Insurance is expiring Scheduled Notification